Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction Averted!

On Tuesday morning Sugar was uncharacteristically mean to Spice about the outfit she had on. She was wearing a Henley-style shirt with a cami underneath, jeans and the ever-present tutu. She took one look at her and snapped, “You are supposed to button that shirt.” Spice was stunned by her sister’s tone, and her eyes filled with tears. I buttoned Spice up and told Sugar she should be a little nicer to her sister.

As Sugar gets home before we get Spice from preschool, I took a moment to remind her that she needs to be nicer and that making fun of clothing is never appropriate. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Why were you mean about your sister’s outfit this morning?

Sugar: I was afraid her boobs were going to fall out of the shirt.

Me: Spice doesn’t have boobs. She’s five.

Sugar: Well, I mean her little nipples. I thought they were going to pop out.

Me: Sugar Pie, her little nipples would have had to jump out of her shirt to fall out!

Sugar laughed and agreed.

It’s interesting to me that it never occurred to Sugar to mention that a tutu doesn’t look right with jeans or that the colors of the shirt clashed with the tutu. She was simply saving her sister from a potential wardrobe malfunction.

Ice Princess 

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