Saturday, January 15, 2011


This was one of those days where there were several instances that made this old girl just sit back and say, “Seriously?!” Remember that old song called “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”? The song came out in the 80’s, so if you’re too young to remember it, there’s no need to remind me how old I am.

First, EN takes the girls ice skating this morning and as usual, my dad joined them at the rink to watch his granddaughters skate. He tells EN, “Did you know that you and Tiny Mike have a pass for dinner tomorrow so you can watch the football game together?” EN texts me this joyous news and I respond with “WTF?” I call forth the following examples: 
  • March 1993: Blizzard conditions and it is time for Family Dinner. We call my mother to say they are recommending people stay off the roads and she says, “Get your asses over here.” Off we go to enjoy a nice dinner only to get snowed in and have to pay a neighbor with a back loader to get us back in our driveway.

  • November 2006: EN and I fly back from attending EN’s father’s wedding in Alabama. Our flight is delayed, so we miss dinner but go to my mother’s anyway to pick up our sweet angels. I get the cold shoulder from my mother who says, “You missed dinner and I’ve already cleaned up, you are out of luck.”

  • July 2008: EN and I go for a weekend away with friends. They are driving so we have no control over departure time. We are late for dinner, but call my mother six hours in advance to let her know. According to Tiny Mike, she threw dinner at the rest of them and shouted, “I’m pissed off!” She didn't speak to me for two weeks after that.

Now her precious baby boys get a “get out of jail free card” to miss dinner to watch a football game? To the best of my knowledge, neither one of them are die-hard football fans. I will bet if I asked them to name more than five players they would be at a loss. Someone explain this to me. I certainly hope that someday when she needs her ass wiped, her sweet boys are up to the job because my sister and I will be busy somewhere else having Family Dinner.

In preparation for returning to work, I decided to get my nails redone so when EN left with the girls this morning I began the laborious task of removing my old set of acrylic nails so they could just give me a new set. It’s a pain in the ass and takes hours, but I get them mostly off. Every time I do this on my own I wonder why I do this to myself… then head off to get another set put on. The price of having beautiful nails, I guess. I went to a salon that I had gone to before and the people were rude today. I don’t get this. I find this in many salons, whether it’s a hair stylist, nail technician, esthetician… I go in as a customer, I’m nice to everyone and they treat me like shit. Really? Am I not paying you for a service? I deserve to be treated with the teeniest amount of respect while I sit in your damn chair. If you don’t like cutting hair, doing nails, giving an eyebrow wax, feel free to explore a new occupation. Until then, I am paying for your service, smile and be nice to me. It’s not too much to ask for.

As I sat there with the surly Nail Dude doing my nails a mother walked in with her ~15 year old daughter. First, the daughter has various piercings on her face. I thought one had to be 18 to get stuff like that? Next thing you know, kids will be tattooing the name of their 7th grade boyfriends on their necks. Wrong move. Is everyone allowed to just do whatever they want nowadays? If I had come home that young with a nose ring my dad would have ripped it out of my face.

Then there was the mother. Nothing annoys me more than seeing mothers of teenaged girls that try to dress like their daughters, obviously thinking her daughter is her friend and not her child. Um, no. You are the mother, not the friend. Raise your kid right and leave the low-rise jeans, bobby-pinned hair with pouf, slipper shoes and bedazzled phone to those born in more recent decades. This woman looked totally stupid and I sat there frozen in fear that she would bend over in her low –rise jeans and give me a full view of her ass.

But there’s good news too. All that made me a little cranky and EN was dancing around like Twinkletoes in a Tutu because he gets another day of football watching with his crew, so when I announced that I was taking a nap there was no back talk. 

I slept for nearly three hours and woke up feeling like a champ. The delicious tomato soup I made for dinner was the cherry on top of the sundae. 

Happy Saturday Peeps!

Ice Princess

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