Friday, January 14, 2011

Changes are Coming...

I am a creature of habit and I hate change. I do more than resist it, I flat out hide from it. I’ve held the same job for eight years, I’ve lived in the same house for nearly nine years. As a matter of fact, every piece of furniture is still in the exact same spot that we placed it when we moved in. All the dishes are in the same cabinets I put them in when we unpacked. The only thing that has changed is the colors of the walls, and those changes were made after endless stress and careful consideration. When the walls need to be repainted, I will likely do a new coat of the color they are currently painted.

I believe that I am like my mom’s mom. She lived in the same place for 40 years and never changed a darn thing. When she moved out, everything needed to be updated, even the electrical outlets! This behavior must have skipped a generation though, because my mother makes changes frequently: furniture placement, bedding, curtains, dishes…

The set of dishes I used for the last twenty years were actually wedding gifts from my first marriage. The pattern was Pfaltzgraff’s Tea Rose. I liked them just fine and I still have most of the place settings and accessories, but I have been hunting for quite a while (literally years) for something new, something that wasn’t connected to a marriage to someone else. I had been eyeing this set for quite a while and finally bit the bullet and bought place settings for eight, a salt and pepper shaker and a canister set. The packages started arriving today. Sugar and Spice are always thrilled when new items enter the household so they stood by while I unwrapped my loot. They are very pretty dishes and I’m satisfied with my purchases.

This purchase is symbolic of how I see my life going in the foreseeable future. I am changing behaviors by trying to eat healthier and work out at a gym. Skinny Bitch and I have hit the gym hard at least three times a week for the last two weeks. I go back to work on Monday, so that will be the end of our morning workout. I will miss her dreadfully. Time on the treadmill simply flies by when there’s a fun person at your side that you can tell anything to. I will need to start doing cardio in the evenings at home, and working out both weekend days. That is what my schedule will allow. I’m not the broad willing to get up at 4 am to pump iron. Every girl has her limits.

The prospect of going back to work and having to deal with my nemesis on a daily basis depresses me. Yet the thought of job hunting, interviewing and starting fresh somewhere makes me even sadder. There are lots of really great aspects about my job and I hate to kiss that all goodbye. 

However, I have done what I needed to do to start the job hunt. My resume is up-to-date and has been proofread by multiple people. In addition to the two jobs I applied for last week, I got all the required documents together to apply for the job with the Department of Corrections and emailed everything today. I did a quick search on Monster today and found another position that seems interesting, so I applied for that too. If no one calls me back on any of these resume submissions, I will be devastated. If they all call and want to interview me, I will be terrified.

Come September, there will be more changes in our household. Sugar will start attending middle school as a 5th grader. I want to protect her from that and keep her safe from the heartbreak that occurs in middle school. Spice will start public kindergarten and is already terribly excited. She’s familiar with at least one of the teachers, so she thinks she’s going to walk in and rule the school. I put nothing past that little firecracker.

The winds of change are here. Let’s hope they aren’t hurricane strength.

Ice Princess 

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