Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sick Spice!

What a wonderful week it’s been for a first week back. First, Monday was a holiday. The rest of my family stayed home while I went to work. Tuesday was a snow day, Wednesday was delayed opening and today I had to leave early because Spice is still sick.

I’m lucky that my girls don’t get sick often. Between the two of them, they’ve had maybe three ear infections. Besides baby spit-up, Sugar has thrown up twice, Spice only once. They don’t even know what the “throw up feeling” is. They’ve had miscellaneous colds, fevers, etc, but it’s been years since Spice’s tangles with RSV or vaccine-induced measles.

We knew something was wrong when Spice declined birthday cake at a party on Sunday. She’d been having fun at the party so EN was surprised when she said no to the cake. He asked if she needed to go potty and she said no, so they drove home. Of course, halfway home she needs to go. The last several days have been weird. She’ll seem fine, then she’ll be screaming that her belly hurts. I will say nothing solid has come out of that kid since before Sunday.

Given our experience in the past with her “potty issues”, we knew they’d want DAYS of badness, or incidents numbering in the double digits PER DAY, so we waited before calling her doctor’s office. This morning, she screamed in agony while clutching her belly, it’s time to make the call.

We had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and basically, they don’t have any idea what’s wrong with her. There doesn’t seem to be a blockage and she has no other symptoms that would point to anything obvious. She’s starting to show signs of dehydration, so we were sent home with instructions to buy Gatorade and to collect a sample. How much more fun can we have?

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and bought yummy snacks that she said she wanted along with two bottles of Gatorade-purple and pink, of course. She’s eaten next to nothing and is refusing to drink. She says her arms are too tired to hold the cup, so I gave her more ice water in a water bottle and have been feeding it to her regularly. She couldn’t even finish the popsicle that she so desperately wanted. The worst part of all is that she’s lost her oomph and is mostly sitting around like a limp rag doll.

Meanwhile, Sugar is feeling like she’s not getting enough attention, so she paid a visit to the school nurse today and got out of school early. I knew she was faking it, I called her out on it and she confessed. I did thank her for being honest, but now find myself angry with her. There is no doubt that she gets enough attention, but it seems like she never gets enough. I don’t know what to do about it. There is a long history of Drama Queenliness in her father’s family and I don’t want her to end up like others I could mention: crying wolf when there’s none around. Despite the crafts, games, reading time, rides to school in lieu of the bus, I’m still not showing the love. I’m frustrated and not getting anything right with anyone.

On top of that, my nemesis at work today made a comment about how little I work. I was out for so long, now every day there is something keeping me out of the office. Nag, nag, whine, bitch… He’s always so quick to complain, but where’s the thank you when I sit here after hours, working on my laptop, helping him out?

I’m expecting a fun-filled day tomorrow. I have a stool sample I need to try to collect, then run to the lab with it within the specified time limit. We’re also expecting another storm, so it’s likely that Sugar will be home with us as well. We are supposed to attend a birthday party tomorrow evening for Spice’s boyfriend, but I worry that we won’t be able to make it. Further, Saturday is supposed to be Spice’s Build-A-Bear party with her friends. We may have to reschedule… what the hell, we have a history of doing that as she was sick for her first birthday party too!

It should be a Super Soupy Poopy Day. 

Ice Princess

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