Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dreamin' Big

Even though I said I wouldn’t, I have started looking at Monster, Hot Jobs and CareerBuilder during my time off. I really don’t want to hunt for a job while I’m on what could potentially be my last hurrah at this job. Any place I go to, I have to start all over again, accruing vacation and sick time, gaining seniority. Any way I look at it, that part sucks.

Until yesterday, the search as been somewhat dismal. There are plenty of jobs posted on a daily basis, but most aren’t anything I would be interested in. I do not want to go into sales and engineering is beyond my scope. I have sent out resumes in response to ads for a Benefits Analyst and for a Marketing Coordinator for a shoe manufacturer. That was last week and I’ve heard nothing back.

Last night I decided to check with the state website to see if there was anything interesting posted there. State jobs offer great benefits and growth potential, but the salaries are ridiculously low. I didn’t expect to find much and most of the jobs weren’t anything I would consider doing. Searching, searching… oh, what’s this? This would be a posting for an HR Coordinator for the Department of Corrections. For several reasons, this position got me excited and lit a fire in my belly. First, I have HR experience, so I meet the qualifications they are looking for. Second, Department of Corrections?! How cool would that be?

The Department of Corrections is particularly interesting to me because the Masters program that I have fantasized about, drooled over, purred like a kitten when I read the course descriptions, is for a degree in Justice Studies. I would love to find a career in this area as I find studies of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system enormously fascinating. The down side of course is that the pay sucks-even at the high end of the pay scale I would be looking at a 20% pay cut. I realize that the posting is for an HR Coordinator, having nothing to do with my interest in criminal behavior. I look past that specific job and see the potential for an intriguing career.

The application is filled out and my resume is ready. I need to get my transcript from school to complete the application packet. Of course the school is closed today due to the enormous quantity of snow that has been falling for the last 12 hours. Waiting to figure out how to get my transcript ASAP will kill me.

Meanwhile, I was texting with Skinny Bitch when it occurred to me that her husband, Fabulous Hair, works for the State. Different department, but he’s been there for years. Dare I ask for assistance? I sat with my phone in hand, wording and rewording a text to her. Is it “above and beyond” to ask a friend for help in cases like this? I bit the bullet and sent the text, also apologizing in the event that my questions were overstepping the boundaries of our friendship. I shouldn’t have worried. Skinny Bitch is a good friend. She said it wasn’t an imposition at all and texted Fabulous Hair immediately. I am not sure that I’ll get anywhere with this opportunity, but the potential has me dancing around the house on very, very happy feet. I'm also feeling a little fuzzy that I am starting to build up a network of nice friends, friends willing to do what they can to help a girl out. 

I can’t believe I found an opportunity that while not perfect, has me so excited. HR for Department of Corrections… I wonder if the employee tool kit includes a pair of handcuffs? 

Ice Princess

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