Thursday, January 27, 2011


Take a moment to peruse the right side of your screen. Yeah, that’s right, there are four followers now. Having followers makes me feel tremendous, like a leader of a pack or something. It doesn’t matter to me that the three blogs I follow have HUNDREDS of followers. It’s a goal to work towards.

I am feeling ridiculously frustrated, downright pissed. I’ve been working out as much as I swore I would. I spent two weeks at the gym with Skinny Bitch and now working through my second week of doing gym workouts on both weekend days and two cardio sessions during the week. Given that I went from zero activity a month ago to a reasonable level, I thought I’d be down significantly. That is not the case and I’m pissed. From the highest of my weight to today, I’m down maybe three pounds. What do I have to do, beat this ass off with a stick?

The gal I work with has said time and again that my issue is that I don’t eat enough. How can that be? I eat all the time! My idea of dieting is to cut back, I don’t deny myself anything, I just try to eat less. I know myself well enough to realize that if I gave up eating my favorites, sooner or later it’ll all come crashing down and I will binge. I will go from cabinet to cabinet in my kitchen eating everything that doesn’t run from me. So I allow myself smaller portions of pizza, chips, birthday cake, whatever. I lost weight using this method before, so it should work again. If any of you decide to leave a comment about how OLD I am and how much harder it is to lose weight when you are OLD, I will ban you from this blog. Follower or not, I will ice you out.

I thought about joining Weight Watchers again, but I really don’t feel like doing that. I’m not a Meeting Girl and most people annoy me. I started searching around online for something that might help. Of course I don’t want to pay either, I’m a cheap bitch like that.

Two weeks ago I came across First, it’s free. Second, there’s so much you can do on this site. You can look through recipes, blog, chat on message boards, track your fitness and caloric intake. And again, it’s free. What’s not to love?

I set up a profile and entered my current weight and goal weight (ouch)! I started tracking my fitness and most importantly, I started tracking my eating habits. Since I’m an anal-retentive, Type A shrew, I manually enter the nutrition information from the food I eat. I enter everything, even the one teaspoon of sugar in each of the two coffees I have at work every day. Since I’m entering the nutrition information right from the food and double checking their math on my own calculator, I know their numbers are right.

The results were stunning. With all the shit I eat, I’m low on calories and fat every single day. I didn’t even cheat and entered the couple of beers I had last night. I’m still not taking in enough calories. WTF? Seriously? I eat bad food. It’s become obvious that the oatmeal I eat for breakfast daily, the small lunch and the two snacks in between just aren’t enough. I come home from work and need to eat a dinner that equals 1,000 calories. The days of eating a head of romaine lettuce and a few croutons for dinner are over. I’m about to become best friends with the people that work at the Subway next to the gym.

What idiot ever put a gym next to a fast food restaurant anyway?  

Ice Princess

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