Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beware of the Rant!!!

Woo hoo!!! Another follower! We all know how happy this makes me! Skinny Bitch suggested that maybe someday I would be a “Blog of Note.” I said that I need to start writing about something better than dogs eating poop… ha ha ha! Since the husband, children and pets haven’t seen fit to do anything remarkably gross lately, today I am ranting about something(s) that royally piss me off.

A long time ago I got into a rather heated debate with someone who played professional hockey for a while and has since become a sportscaster on a local morning radio show. I won’t be snarky and suggest that perhaps he was hit really hard in the head with a puck and that’s why he’s stupid, let’s just say that I disliked him the moment I saw him. EN was thrilled to meet this bozo, only because he used to play for his favorite team.

Somehow, this ass monkey and I got to talking about teachers and their salaries. I might have said something like, “It’s a sad state of affairs in our country when jackasses make millions to PLAY A GAME, while those that teach our children often have to work a second job to make ends meet.” We went back and forth for a bit before EN dragged me away and told me to be nicer to the fancy retarded hockey player. Rather than play nice, I ignored the dude for the rest of the night.

I am reminded of this incident after Saturday. While we were out to dinner, I thought that one of the waiters looked familiar. I finally placed him when I noticed that a family dining in the restaurant was also familiar. The child of the family dining is in Sugar’s class. He’s a special needs student that Sugar has been in class with for the last three years. And the familiar man waiting tables? That would be the man that works with this child every single day while he’s at school. I won’t lie and say I know what his day is like nor do I have a full understanding of his job description. I have seen him interact with this student and I have seen this man be endlessly patient and kind. It’s obvious to me that he has bonded with this child and his family, as they came to visit him at his second job on a Saturday night. I can imagine his long workday, followed by waiting tables at night.

It’s sadly pathetic and speaks volumes about our country that we have these individuals who are educated to educate our children, we entrust our children to them for hours every day (face it, even stay-at-home moms don’t spend as much time with their kids as their teachers do) and we pay them deplorable starting salary. I don’t argue that a teacher can make a nice salary after years of employment, but I wonder, what young recent college graduates really want to enter this field when they see the starting salary? I should mention here that I am friendly with many teachers, there are even some that read this blog, and they have never complained about their salary to me. This is just ME complaining about something I think isn’t right.

Yet on the other hand, I am also familiar with a handful of examples of people that aren’t currently working for no good reason. They have not applied for jobs, they aren’t looking for jobs. They are sitting around on their fat asses stalking people on Facebook all day long. Some of these people devote so much time and attention to stalking, that they’ve actually been served restraining orders to get them to stop. How do they earn an income? Oh, our government pays for them to sit and do nothing!

One of these people feels that she works for six months a year, so she should be able to collect unemployment for the other six months. After all, her employer contributes to the unemployment fund in her state, so she’s entitled. And how dare they even suggest that she look for a job and interrupt her Facebook time?

And another favorite… This woman is under 40 years old, fully competent to work, but feels that she shouldn’t have to because she doesn’t like to follow orders or play nicely with others. She is an only child after all, shouldn’t she be allowed to do what she wants, when she wants? Shouldn’t she be eligible for any and all assistance only to spend it on  $1,000 handbags?

On one hand, we have educated, smart, caring people that earn a mere pittance, while on the other, we have lazy bitches sitting around collecting because they can. Perhaps it’s time we stop giving to those who can and choose not to, and start giving to those who go out and DO!

Ice Princess

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