Friday, March 25, 2011

Thoughts on a Friday Night

Earlier this week I blogged about the lecture on domestic violence that I heard in my mediation training on Wednesday night. I said something about having had a boyfriend throw me against a wall and dumping him the next day. I feel like my comment may have trivialized this problem in our society. I realize that the problem becomes so much more difficult to solve when there is a marriage and children involved. My comment was not meant to offend, and if it did, I sincerely apologize. Getting out of a situation like that is certainly not as simple as dumping a boyfriend.

I wrote about wanting to get involved to somehow help the victims of domestic violence. I’m happy to say that I started researching different opportunities available and sent an email to the shelter closest to my home. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but I certainly hope I do so that I can find a way to become more involved in my local community.

I also found some information about a charity walk called Missy’s Hope. This event will occur on October 15, 2011. It’s a 5K Walk/Run that I plan on taking part in, providing that the wedding I’m attending that day is later in the evening. I’m likely to bring a daughter or two and a puppy or three and would love to have friends join us (you know this fat ass will be walking, not running!). As the event gets closer, I’ll definitely send out information via the blog and Facebook.

Several months ago I wrote about a tragic murder that occurred locally. One of the criminals was convicted back in November. I’m thrilled beyond belief that the second participant in these hideous crimes was convicted today. His attorneys tried to prove that he was insane at the time of the crime. The jury did not buy his story and found him to be legally sane. I’m happy they will spend their lives behind bars, but part of me is angry about this. They planned this crime and bragged about it afterwards, seemingly without remorse. I am remorseful that my tax dollars will pay for them to have three hots and a cot. There’s certainly a quicker, cheaper way to punish these bastards.

The husband of the victim and the daughter that survived the attack were in the courtroom to hear the sentencing. The husband spoke beautifully of his wife and the life that was tragically taken too soon. Their daughter did not speak, but I was overwhelmed to see her in the courtroom. I think it took incredible courage for her to be there and face her attacker. She survived his attack by playing dead until the criminals left the house and she displayed that same strength today.

I think her mother would be proud.

Ice Princess 

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