Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here It Is, Cupcakes!

I will start this post with the note that much of this may seem petty and not worth worrying about to many of you. But then, many of you are mothers and you will understand how much the small stuff matters to young girls. And when something matters to my girls, and that matter hurts them… Well, it brings out the Mama Bear in me.

I have already spent so much time ranting about these people involved in Sugar’s Girl Scout troop that I feel like I should stop complaining. Then something new happens and gets me fired up all over again.

At the end of February, Sugar’s BFFL told her that C couldn’t stand her. This girl happens to be in the same Girl Scout troop. It seems to me that BFFL is in cohoots with this other girl and since she told Sugar of C’s dislike, C has become more public about it. I have seen them interact twice since then, and I notice that C is charming and sweet when her mother is nearby, but when she’s out of sight, she specifically excludes Sugar. When Sugar approaches, she pulls the other girls away. Yes, this is life, not everyone has to like you, but it’s so hurtful when you see this happen to your own child.

I am not sure if this occurs in every household, but when it’s our turn to bring snack for any meeting or party, it’s a big deal. A HUGE deal, in fact. We start planning in advance, discussing our options, different recipes, what everyone else has already brought and what everyone likes. This was our week to provide a snack for the Girl Scout meeting and we decided on cupcakes.

Sugar was at school on Monday and discussed this with BFFL. C was listening in and said, “You aren’t bringing snack, it’s my turn.” That night, Sugar told me about it and I said I knew it was our week. She got really worked up about it so I agreed to email the leader to confirm. I got a response back from the leader that said she had heard from C’s mom that day and she’s always “on top of things” and didn’t mention a snack. Part of me wonders if there's and inference that I’m not “on top of things” by reconfirming snack, but whatever.

When I returned from training last night, I asked Sugar how her meeting went and if everyone liked her cupcakes. She said they did, then said “And C brought a snack too!” This is huge drama with the 10-year-old set. It’s like C invaded her territory and she was PISSED. How dare she? I am sure that I didn’t help things by getting mad myself. Seeing my girls hurt brings out the worst in me. I may have used my outside voice and said something like “C is an asshole.”

As I’ve already said, I don’t know if snack is a huge deal everywhere, but it is at my house and apparently it is at the C's house. I just don’t understand why this mom that is so “on top of things” would bring a snack when it wasn’t her turn? I’m sure C went home and mentioned that Sugar was planning a snack, right??

In a month or perhaps even a few days, this issue will be a non-issue, I’m sure. But today my girl is sad and she feels she’s not being treated nicely. I reminded her again that NO ONE has the right to hurt her EVER. If she’s that bothered by the behavior, I fully support her if she’d like to quit going to the Girl Scout meetings. Extra-curricular activities are supposed to be fun times with friends. If she’s not having fun, it’s not worth the trouble.

The annual Father Daughter Dance is this weekend and EN will be attending with Sugar. Last night I made him aware of the situation and he told me that he’s not surprised. In fact, he can’t stand C’s father… “Every time I see that guy he says, ‘How’s it going, Pal?’ I’m not his damn PAL!” I was surprised by EN’s reaction because nothing bothers him and he typically gets along with everyone.

I asked him to please keep an eye on the interactions between the girls. If C gets out of line, he’s got direct orders to trip the little bitch.

Ice Princess

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