Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Li'l Shout Out

I tried to be particularly humorous yesterday because I knew two faithful readers were having a rough few days. I wanted to give them something to laugh at even though they are guilty of doing the same thing Skinny Bitch does. Both of these women have either texted, emailed or posted on my Facebook wall, “Um, it’s been 3 days and 22 minutes since you last blogged. Have you got a brain cramp?”

The first gal is Baby D. She lives down south and is actually EN’s stepmother. Even if she wasn’t, I would choose her to be my friend. We email regularly and have even taken a girls weekend together. How many of you can boast to having done that with someone who is essentially your mother-in-law?

EN’s dad was diagnosed with throat cancer about a year and a half ago. He’s since had procedures, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Through it all, Baby D was by his side supporting him and offering comfort. She even learned how to give fluids intravenously so he could get nutrition when he was too sick or in too much pain to eat.

EN Senior has been going for regular follow up visits with his doctor and they found a bit of gook in his abdomen recently. They had final testing today and found out that he is again cancer free. I’m sure Baby D is breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight. I applaud her for being his rock in what was surely a terrible storm. She deserves every bit of praise that I’m sure not many threw her way. Plenty of spouses would have become frustrated and run for the hills. EN Senior needs to buy this woman the biggest diamond ever. She always dealt with him with patience and grace. When she hit a rough spot, she had some caring people to lean on herself. Makes me wonder, does anyone ever remember to care for the caregiver?

The second person is the female version of Fabulous Hair, but since that nickname is kind of long, we’ll just call her Michelle. She’s actually Follower #1!! Since I became friendly with her, I heard many stories about Nana, her 101 year old grandmother. The stories were hysterical and we often rolled our eyes at the things she would say. Let’s face it, when you hit triple digits, you say and do things that drive others a little crazy. Through it all, Michelle always visited with Nana, spending holidays and vacation time with her.

Nana stayed relatively healthy until recently. Michelle was kind enough to keep us all posted via Facebook. We knew how bad it was when she told us that it looked like Nana wouldn’t be coming home. Over the following week, Michelle added many more pictures of Nana to her Facebook profile, even though Nana was already quite the star.

The photos were a hoot. Nana was the type of lady that was very matchy-matchy. One friend even referred to her as Fancy Nancy. She was always beautifully dressed, with makeup and jewelry matching her clothing. And she absolutely did not look her age.

Sadly, Nana passed away at the end of last week. I’m sure that Michelle and her family will feel the emptiness for a long while. It’s not often that you hear of a family that spends so much time with their older relatives. Michelle and her husband have certainly taught their children well, to love and appreciate family while we have them. Michelle, know that you and your family are in our thoughts. Our hearts and condolences go out to you.

Ice Princess 

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