Monday, March 7, 2011

Stripper Bear, Pinky Tuscadaro and Skinny Bitch

Last night as I went to tuck in the girls, I noticed one of Spice’s new bears lying on the floor naked but for a pair of silver lame sandals. “Well hello there, Stripper Bear!” popped into my head. And I wonder where my kids inappropriate comments come from. I’ll have you know that I didn’t say it out loud and even if I did, no one was awake to hear it.

This day started off with a dose of hilarity that I think can only be found in our house. We raced around getting ourselves ready to leave and I kept looking out for Bella Boo. We had put her outside on the run but I couldn’t see her. I was getting frustrated and yelling for her to come back. I heard Sugar gasp next to me and she said, “Mama, look up! She’s ON the pool!” Sure enough, that dog had climbed a snowbank and was doing her post-poop prance around the top of the frozen, covered pool. Upon further examination, we noted that this must have been the second time Bella chose to do her business on the pool. Surely EN was not going to be happy.

After an uneventful day at the office, I raced from place to place picking up the girls. I was delighted to run into Mrs. N at the daycare. I rarely get to see her and was happy to hear her account of the trip to Build a Bear with Spice. She laughed and said that Spice seemed a little worried on the way back, “Mama told me not to buy anything!” She assured Spice, “You didn’t buy anything. I did.” Ok, semantics… she wins.

Who didn't love Pinky?!
While we chatted, I decided to tell her about something that I had shown the girls last week. We had been talking about Mrs. N and it occurred to me that I had seen vibrant red hair like that before. It didn’t take me long to place it, Pinky Tuscadaro from Happy Days! That’s Mrs. N!!! So sorry, we have to dispose of the proper nickname and go with Pinky for the blog. If it’ll make you feel better, talk to Roger and ask if he’d like to be The Fonz. We promise we’ll never call him Arthur. ;o)

I’ll admit to having loved Pinky when I watched the show. She was gorgeous, she was cool and she rode her own motorcycle. Ladies, lets admit it, we all secretly wanted to be the bad girls. Just like Sandy in “Grease.” None of us wanted to be Straight Sandy, we all wanted to be the leathered-up tramp she was at the end of the movie. If you disagree, leave the blog.

Sadly, I had to break down and share the secret trip with the girls. They are out of their minds at the thought of going to Myrtle Beach with their cousins. I showed them lots of pictures of the beach and the tourist attractions. I’m sure we’ll have a blast. I know you are wondering why I told the girls, after yesterday’s post… Well, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sugar’s best friends mother called me tonight. She was a little confused as her daughters told them that Sugar had invited them over for a birthday party. She wasn’t clear on the date. I’m glad she called before sending her kids over, because at this time, we haven’t started planning a party! Sugar thought her party should be held during school vacation week, so I had to share with them that we wouldn’t be home. Just imagine a slew of 10-year-olds showing up here while EN is enjoying his week of bachelorhood.  

And big news… we have Follower #6 and it is none other than Skinny Bitch! Yay! So, so happy! I believe that as a follower, she’ll receive some sort of notification when I post a new blog entry. That way she can stop texting me her “WTF! It’s been three days, where’s a new post?” I am joking, it really is flattering.

We are going to the gym together on Friday morning. In celebration of her becoming an official follower, I am going to allow her to follow me from machine to machine as we work out. Then she can be a real follower, not just a virtual one. Of course I’m not going to do that. I’m so pleased to have her back on the neighboring treadmill that I might offer to carry her around the place!

A final note on this wacky Monday, Sugar and I shared her favorite dinner tonight: Tuna Casserole. Spice opted out and asked for yesterday’s leftovers instead. I’m OK with that. 

Ice Princess

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