Saturday, March 5, 2011

Full Saturday

Today was basically an exercise in coordination and lots of driving. But through all that, I dealt with many different people. Some I like, some I would throw to the wolves without a second thought.

The morning started bright and early with cookie pick up. I volunteered to help knowing that Sugar sold a lot and her load of cookies was going to be a burden. I walked into the warehouse and there were piles of cookies everywhere. One of the three others that were due to meet was there, so we got to work right away. The process went something like this: find your troop sheet, pile the correct number of boxes in front of it, have the cookie police verify that you are about to leave with the proper cookies, then load into cars. Then we all drive to the Cookie Mom’s house and we unload the cookies. We sort them, then we reload them. Seriously, my workout for the day was done.

These were some of the same women that attended the karate ceremony. Since I was there to help and worked my ass off, they couldn’t very well ignore me. Ignored I was not, but conversation was very light. I began to have second thoughts about the gal that I ranted about last week, the one that signs her emails “HUGS.” I noticed that while she didn’t talk much to me, she didn’t talk to anyone else either. Maybe it’s not me, maybe it’s her? I felt really bad when she left and drove past me, waving madly. Perhaps she’s as uncomfortable in these situations as I am? Perhaps she is most comfortable interacting when there is a barrier (our rolled up windows) between us? I left a bit later feeling tremendously guilty for having made fun of her last week.

I hit the gym, came home and showered and took Spice on her play date. We met up with two of her long-time buds and they seemed to enjoy themselves at the indoor playground. I sat and socialized with the mamas. Oh wow, here’s different… I’m with mothers of children that my kids are friends with and I’m being treated like I’m a normal human being?! Say it ain’t so!!! We had a lot of laughs and talked about a bunch of things. There was something that pissed me off though. Both are cute freckle-faced ladies. Have you ever noticed that freckled women do not age? So there I was, sitting on my old-looking fat ass with a couple of chicks that look like they’re twelve. How is that fair and how does that happen?

What I liked best about these gals was that we were comfortable enough with each other to dish out a little shit to one another. Honestly, that is my favorite… being with people that laugh at you and you laugh at yourself. It’s not just anyone that can tease me about not wanting to camp and being grossed out by boogers and spit. There was nothing malicious about their teasing and I didn’t feel like I was going to get raked over the coals after our get together. It’s almost laughable how different I am from them. They both camp, one raises chickens and pigs and both admitted to spitting in a napkin to clean their kids faces. Bleck, bleck and bleck.

We got home in time for me to practically run right back out and bring Sugar to her Girl Scout Lock In. It was held at the local YMCA and they got to swim, dance, play sports, and climb the rock-climbing wall. Again, I saw some of the same mothers I saw this morning and was largely ignored. Even HUGS didn’t want to give me the time of day. I’m in the process of finding big girl pants to pull on and say (and mean it!) that their behavior doesn’t bother me at all. I’d rather hang with freckle-faced chicks that spit on their kids than with a bunch of bitches that can’t even smile at someone who smiles at them. 

Ice Princess

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