Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Some people would move the earth for you. Some people wouldn’t pee on you if you were ablaze. We all know people like this and as you read that sentence, you might have come up with your own prime examples under each category. How do you deal with people in the second category when they are related to you? Or worse, when you marry someone who has relatives like that? When it’s your own family, you have the option of delivering a much-deserved bitch slap and hopefully moving on right after.

I have admitted many times in this blog that my own family drives me batshit crazy, but they’re still my family. I try to do right by them and always make sure to bring the kids around a lot as I feel that it’s important for them to know their grandparents, aunts and uncles. EN has also gotten into the habit of stopping at his mother’s with the girls once a week for a visit. I’m sure that as the weather gets warmer, this might be more challenging as the girls will want to be home swimming or playing with their friends.

EN’s sister is the opposite. She will not help family. She will not visit family. The only time that she’s available is if there’s a possibility that she will get a gift from someone. I could fill pages, telling stories about the things she’s done but in the grand scheme of things I’ll end up looking like a liar. No one on earth could really be that selfish and self centered, right?

It’s become a long-standing family joke at this point that you could invite Sissy, her husband and son to anything with tons of notice and they’ll find an excuse not to attend. Their cars aren’t running. The baby has a runny nose It's too windy where they live. Her husband’s back is hurt. It might snow four days from now and she needs to stay home in anticipation of the Next Great Blizzard.

Frankly, her way of being has never bothered me because I can’t stand being around her. I’m almost always delighted that she cannot attend different events. Not only is she unwilling to participate in family functions, but she complains that she is not included and she’s always the odd man out. I’m sorry honeybunch, but you just can’t have it both ways. You either take part in things or you stop bitching about it. Period. No exceptions, we’ve all had enough.

This week EN Senior gets to make a somewhat painful trip to visit his own dad. EN Senior and his siblings will be getting together to discuss Great Grandpa’s living situation and assisted living options. Even before talks have begun, it’s obvious this will not be an easy trip to make.

As always, EN Senior prepares well in advance. We’ve known for quite some time that he’d be flying up and staying two hours away. He got in touch with both EN and Sissy yesterday to remind them that he’d be around and offered to “meet in the middle” for dinner and a visit with his kids and grandkids. He and EN started discussing different options while Sissy offered up a bunch of excuses all at once as to why she couldn’t drive ONE HOUR to visit her father.

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised. Her own mother now lives 45 minutes away and she never bothers to visit with her. God forbid someone ask her to drive an HOUR ALONE with a BABY in the car. I guess I could see her point if we were, let’s say, Amish and she needed to traverse snow-covered fields for hours in a horse-drawn carriage. But no, this is the girl that is constantly bragging about all the cars and motorcycles they have.  

Instead of whining and complaining about her car not running right, perhaps they should sell the five or six they own, and some of the 47 motorcycles they claim to have and buy one or two reliable cars? If she’s not willing to do that, then I just might be willing to smack her in the mouth the next time she complains that Sugar and Spice don’t seem to know her as well as they know my sister.

I wrote this to stop myself from calling her and telling her what a douchebag she really is. It’s killing me to keep my mouth shut.  

Ice Princess

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