Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Choosing Friends

Sugar shared with me that her BFFL recently told her that a mutual friend “absolutely cannot stand” Sugar. Given the strange week I had, I’m left wondering where people get off saying hurtful things to one another?

I had the meeting with the recruiter who told me I was smart, funny but didn’t really have any marketable skills. I have a coworker that seems to enjoy telling me how much my nemesis hates me and when he gets my boss’s job, he’s going to fire me. I volunteered to help the Girl Scout Cookie Mom help pick up and sort the shipment of cookies next weekend. Another mom that volunteered sent an email and told two others that they needn’t bother picking up, she and I can do it. I thought it took great big balls for her to volunteer me like that without asking first. Also, she called me by my nickname in her email which really pissed me off. I’ve known this woman for five years as she used to have a shop in town that I shopped at a lot and sent tons of business to her. Given that she has never seen fit to acknowledge my presence or even smile at me, I’m amazed at the brass she displayed in volunteering me. I won’t even mention that she signed her email *HUGS*, causing me to gag and choke like a cat with a hairball. The final straw came on Friday when we attended the karate ceremony for Sugar’s Girl Scout troop.

Sugar has been in the same troop since first grade and we’ve gone through several different leaders and girls have come and gone. I would say that many of the girls have been together for two years, so I know them all by name and I know their parents too. Sugar was very excited to have us attend and watch her show off the self defense moves she had just learned.

We walked into a full dojo and I knew most of the people there. I’m smiled at by many, but they all quickly avert their eyes so I know further communication is not desired. I talked to one or two mothers briefly but there’s really no connection, no one wants to socialize with me and I am not sure why. They are a clique of their own and I’m not included. Given that I don’t see them that often and really don’t give a shit what they think, I don’t know why their behavior bothers me so much. I not one of the Mommy Mafia and that’s just the way it’s going to be. I hope their lack of acceptance for me doesn’t filter down to Sugar as she sees these girls regularly and I know it devastates her when she’s not included in their get togethers.

By the end of the show, I was really down on myself and in a mood. Things only got better when we got home and discovered that our power was out and wouldn’t be back on for hours. Spice went from room to room trying every switch, thinking that possibly, maybe just one would work. The cranky chicks finally brought their sleeping bags down and promptly fell asleep in front of the fireplace. I settled in with the iBook version of “Shopaholic and Her Sister.” Shopaholic books always improve my mood!

On Saturday morning, the feeling of not being good enough still hadn’t left me. EN took the girls to their skating lessons, then the girls were off for a sleepover at my parents house. I went to the gym and worked out hard, taking out my aggressions on that stupid treadmill. I knew good times were ahead, so I went home and took a nap in preparation for a fun night out with our crazy friends.   

We met Snorting Girl and Facebook Poker for dinner and a show. As always, our conversation is lively and we laugh a lot. Dinner was fantastic and we walked to another establishment for a Dueling Piano show. There are no words that can adequately describe the next several hours. Snorting Girl and I spent a better part of the evening hiding our faces and peeking at our significant others, unable to decide if we were horrified or amused. One of the piano players started calling her husband Vin Diesel and he was stuck with the name for the night. EN grabbed a tambourine and made his rounds, dancing and playing tambourine on a variety of female asses.

While their behavior was a little crazy, others in the place were even nuttier. The pianist wasn’t kidding when he called it “the evolution of a drunken shitshow.” What is it about singing along to fun songs that gets people so fired up? This is the second time I’ve seen a show like this and the behavior was insane both times.

Vin Diesel and The Tambourine Man were led out of the club well before the show was over. Snorting Girl and I were smart enough to realize early on that our designated drivers had failed us and we got into our cars and drove our boys home. It wasn’t until we got home that EN realized that he lost his cell phone.

The moral of the story is an important one: choose your friends wisely. If we had gone out with The Mommy Mafia, their phone lines would have been lit up early, discussing the bad behavior that was displayed. Snorting Girl, on the other hand, texted me this morning to say, “How’s my partner in crime today?” That’s the kind of friend I want in my life. 

Ice Princess

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