Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Guilty Pleasure

Years ago, Sugar and I had a Friday night tradition. I would put Spice to bed, make popcorn and Sugar and I would sit in my bed and watch “What Not to Wear.” My sweet little Sugar became the Simon Cowell of the fashion world. She would watch with delighted disgust and just shred the people needing makeovers. Especially amusing to hear from the girl that wore toe socks and flip flops and numerous other fashion disasters.

I should note here that clothes are something I refuse to fight with my children about. So long as the important parts are covered and they are dressed appropriately for the season, they can wear what they want. I save my fights for bigger and better things… like homework. EN and I have piles of pictures we’ve taken of the girls’ outfits and they already look back and can’t believe they went out dressed like that. I can look into their eyes and say in all honesty, “You chose the outfit.” Clothing-related childhood scars can never be blamed on me.

It’s amusing to me that these walking fashion disasters are so critical of others. They think their father dresses like a dork and has hair like a chicken. They complain that I hardly ever wear anything that is not black or gray. Their complaints go on and on. They know better than to ever mention anyone else’s clothing and they would never make fun of people outside our little foursome.

Somehow, Sugar and I stopped watching “What Not to Wear.” I don’t know if they stopped airing on Friday nights, or if the Saturday morning sporting events just had me putting her to bed earlier on Friday nights.

During a recent slew of snow days, Sugar and I rediscovered “What Not to Wear.” They run several episodes during the day even. We were glued to the TV while Spice bitched endlessly about how boring the show was. She doesn’t care about badly dressed people on TV, she doesn’t love Stacy and Clinton the way Sugar and I do, she’s not excited to see the makeover at the end of the show.

Then they aired the episode about Denise, the flight attendant that loves bling. For a sneak peek of this episode, go to:

Spice was immediately drawn in and stood right in front of the TV with her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazed over. For the longest time, she didn’t move and didn’t speak. When she could finally bring herself to speak, she said, “She’s BEAUTIFUL.” Spice talked on and on about Denise’s hair, clothes, matching bows in her hair and said, “I’m going to look like that when I grow up.” Sugar and I just rolled our eyes at each other and said, “super cute” which seemed to be Denise’s favorite thing to say.

It’s been several weeks since we saw the episode and I thought the girls had forgotten about it. As we were driving home from the funeral on Saturday one of the girls said “super cute.” That got us laughing about the show and it became apparent that Spice had only one take-away from the episode… Denise had named her boobs and Spice was apparently quite taken with the idea. From the back seat we hear her say, “Which one are you? Sprinkles or Twinkles?” To date, there’s been no decision as to which is which, but the topic does provide for endless debate. 

Ice Princess

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