Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Saturday

Yesterday we attended the funeral for Tiny Mike’s mom. The funeral was held at the funeral home and the room was full, standing room only. It was great to see so many come out to pay their respects and support Tiny Mike.

We sat near the back of the room, both girls on my lap. Tiny Mike waved Spice over to sit with him but she was suddenly shy. My niece came to get Spice and put her on Tiny Mike’s lap. Everyone who knows Spice seemed to collectively suck in their breath, waiting to see what Spice would do. “Nothing good will come of this” was the thought clanging in my head. Surprisingly, Spice didn’t say a word and hardly even wiggled.

It was the first time that I had attended a funeral and liked what a priest had to say. He talked for a while about Maureen’s Irish heritage and her role as a mother. He mixed in humor but was sensitive at the same time. He repeatedly mentioned Maureen’s deceased son and said, “I know the first thing she heard when she got to heaven. Paul walked towards her and said, ‘Mom!’” That line stayed with me through the rest of the service. He told us that he thought Maureen was probably having a nice conversation with the Virgin Mother, “because, let’s face it, they’re really the only two mothers that know.” I thought the service was touching and sweet and perfect to help Tiny Mike start to heal.

Spice stayed with Tiny Mike and my sister through the entire service, while the rest of the room seemed to still be waiting for something awful to happen. She jiggled her feet a bit, then starting making faces. She didn’t laugh or smile, but did bug her eyes out a few times, then she started stretching her lips into fish kisses. Her lips stretched and stretched until they about jumped right off her face. At the end of the service my dad leaned towards me and said, “Mike really needed Spice with him.” I think that’s probably the most gentle and introspective thing I’ve ever heard the man say.

Since there would be no burial at this time, everyone was invited to take a flower or two from the arrangements. Sugar and Spice convinced their uncle to pick a bouquet for each of them. Poor Sugar ended up getting quite emotional, which got my sister going and they sat hugging for a while.

Afterwards, we attended the reception at a relative of Mike’s. We didn’t stay long as Spice was getting antsy. I could almost see the “bad” convulsing inside her to escape. A good mother always knows when it’s time to leave.

On our way home, I received a text from Snorting Girl. She and her husband were out for lunch and wondered what we were up to. We decided to join them for a bit. A visit with the funniest people in the world was a perfect follow-up to a sad morning. The place that we met at was quiet and roomy, so the girls were able to be a little rambunctious without annoying anyone. Plus the place had a bathroom with WRITING on the walls. There’s nothing better than an interesting bathroom so the girls made sure to visit multiple times.

I was glad to spend time with these friends with the girls. We've become friendly fairly recently and they don’t have young children of their own. I’ve wanted to invite them over as it is sometimes difficult for us to find a sitter. I worry that they aren’t “kid people” and will end up annoyed with the fighting sisters or Spice’s antics. I never should have worried. Snorting Girl stepped right up and indulged in a little potty talk, introduced Spice to Angry Birds and even tried to high-five Sugar when she shystered her sister. Facebook Poker joined right in on the fun and told a bunch of knock-knock jokes. He even laughed at the made up jokes that make no sense that he was told in return.

It’s good to know good people. People that leave you feeling light-hearted and good, after a morning filled with sadness. 

Ice Princess

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