Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And It Ends with a Smile

This day hit the toilet first thing this morning. Every day, I hop on the scale to monitor progress. I don’t think there are words to describe the feelings I had when I saw today’s number. My weight is higher than it’s ever been. How can that be? I’ve been doing cardio 4-5 times a week for weeks now. I was sad, embarrassed, enraged. Something isn’t working right and I just don’t know what. I know that website said my caloric intake was low, but that doesn’t really explain weight gain to me. It makes a bit of sense that I wouldn’t lose quickly, but to be up over a pound? WTF?!

As I was gathering up things I needed for my day and packing up for Sugar, I reminded EN to give me the Girl Scout Cookie Order Form that he has had for months. He said that he didn’t sell much, but I was stunned when I saw the form. 12 freakin’ boxes. We’ve gone from the family that sold more than the rest of the troop combined, to the under achievers. I wanted the form so I could pass it around my office today, knowing that everything needs to be turned in tomorrow. My goal was to sell 50 boxes by the end of the day.

We get to the bus stop and there I am stuck behind that stupid bitch again. Did I mention that last week she was in such a rush to be first that she cleared a teensy spot on her windshield, drove to the bus stop, then cleared her car while she was waiting? Anyway, the bus comes, we all leave, I hit the shortcut and get stuck behind someone else. I pull back onto the main road and who is in front of me? I’m destined to be behind that shrew for the rest of my days.

While waiting at the bus stop, I’m looking at Sugar and something just doesn’t seem right. She’s got a hat, gloves, back pack. Oh, that’s what’s missing! The second part of her two-piece coat, because it’s normal for a kid to forget her coat in these frigid temperatures in the beginning of February. I call EN to tell him to deliver Sugar’s coat to her school and he says, “How could she forget her coat?!” I don’t know dear, ask her. She’s your clone to the core of her being!

My work day was not bad. It started off quite slowly, actually. I had the chance to email a few people to see if they wanted to place cookie orders and even posted a little something on Facebook. I was overwhelmed with orders. Even Tiny Mike emailed his office and came through with orders for more than 50 boxes. By day’s end, Sugar had earned her patch for selling 150 boxes. While that may not be a ton for some (Michelle!), it’s a long way from the two boxes I’ve seen other girls in her troop sell. AND I didn’t have months of stressful selling. I did all that in one day. I guess I must have felt the fire!!!

My nemesis gave me a few tasks, but he was a little different today. He gave me stuff to do and when I asked questions (because I am stupid and not qualified to make decisions) he said he trusted my judgment. That might be considered kissing my ass, but hey, I did what he asked and he thanked me afterwards. Can’t all of our interactions be this nice?

Spice was not ready to leave school today when I picked her up. I think she’s really enjoying being a big kid and hanging out in the “big kid room.” As we drove to get Sugar, Spice told me that her old teacher would be coming over, maybe tonight, maybe Saturday. Apparently, they are going to play Barbies. I wonder if her teacher knows?

Sugar was quite happy to see us. She has a big lunch date next week with Ms. S, her best teacher EVER… So the day started off badly for us all, but we all found a little bit of happy and brought it home with us.

We put our happy to good use and I started doing the more difficult things on Sugar’s Valentine box for school. The lid and box needed to be wrapped separately in hot pink wrapping paper. That way, she can open the box up without ripping the paper. Then I used an old scrapbooking machine to cut out “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY” for her to glue on. She also has glittery stickers and things to decorate it with. I’m sure it will be overdone, dripping with glitter, hearts and stickers, but she’ll love the process of making it and will likely keep it forever… right next to last year’s model.

The day started off badly but in the end I’m reminded that I have a lot of good people in my life that make me smile. :o)

Ice Princess


  1. FYI: We only sold 111. Steve totally dropped the ball this year. Good job to you guys.

  2. Can't find good help anywhere, huh? xoxo