Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuna Casserole

Spice takes random words and makes them her own. They are repeated frequently for shock value or entertainment purposes. She never really tires of her naughty words, she just keeps adding more to her repertoire. “Buttcrack” still causes delighted laughter, especially, when she’s smacking her bum while saying it. “Penis” is usually only said to annoy her sister and she’s good at bringing the word into seemingly unrelated topics. Last Friday we were watching the Charlie Brown Valentine special and they said Linus’s name. Spice cocked her head and said, “His name is Linus? Doesn’t that sound like penis?” Of course she laughs, and her sister is disgusted… mission accomplished!

She has a new word and I’m not sure how it made her short list, but it’s there. It’s “tuna casserole.” This is a dish that we have for dinner on a regular basis. Sugar loves it and requests it at least once a week. Haute cuisine it is not, but if the girls eat it, I will cook it. I’m not sure when she started saying it but it’s taken on a whole new meaning. Why this caught her attention is beyond me. She just started using those words instead of others in random sentences, “Has anyone seen my tuna casserole?” when she was looking for her toys. Just random use like that. But now we’ve taken a bad turn… the other day the dog sniffed Spice’s nether regions and she shouted out, “Stop sniffing my tuna casserole.” Of course I reacted, how could I not? Now instead of using a polite or proper term, her girl parts are referred to as tuna casserole.

And Sugar recently came up with a  few doozies herself. First, she informed EN and I that the snow banks in her school playground are all "butt blasters." When we asked what that meant, she had some explanation about sliding down the banks, catching air and blasting onto the blacktop on your butt. Butt blasts can be pretty painful. 

With Sugar, I have to take some of the blame as I often teach her random rhymes that I remember from my own childhood. None of them are politically correct, so I don’t want to put them on the blog for fear of offending someone. One of her friends’ mothers does the same and I’ve learned some new ones myself. If Sugar is in a good mood and the ditty is naughty, she will spend endless time teaching her little sister the poetry, knowing that Spice is likely to repeat these naughty sayings at inappropriate times. During bath time the other night I overheard Sugar teaching Spice the following:

Being Barbie is pretty fantastic,
Even though my boobs are made of plastic

It will be a long time before that one is out of my head.

Ice Princess 

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