Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Long Snow Day

Today this house was a cage for two professional fighters. The entire day was dedicated to their Texas Death Cage Match. Mother Nature felt the need to dump feet of snow on top of the shitload we already had and we knew school was canceled last night. I made the mistake of letting them stay up a little late and I paid for it all day today.

There was nothing these girls didn’t fight about today: who got to play with every toy, who got to sit in a specific chair to watch TV, who got to sit next to Mama while we watched our favorite show this afternoon, who was sitting in which seat for dinner. The war went on and on. Unfortunately, Sugar has a bad cough and I wasn’t comfortable sending her outside to play in the snow and Spice won’t go anywhere without her. So they were stuck inside to torment each other.

They played with their play-doh and fought the whole time. They did a craft with pipe cleaners and pompoms, and fought over who used too many pompoms… there was no break. I thought it would give them something to focus on if we made banana bread together. Instead, it gave them something else to fight about: who gets to hold the hand mixer, who gets to mash the bananas. STOP THE INSANITY!!! I shooed the girls out of the kitchen and did it all myself. Much aggression was worked out by mashing those bananas.

The break finally came when Sugar asked if she could take my iPad upstairs and play with it while Spice “hogged the family room.” The house was tranquil and I made dinner. I attempted to sit down with both of them but it became pretty clear that we couldn’t even sit at the same table together. Sugar ate, then left the table and Spice sat down.

I think they finally wore themselves out and we worked on some homework tonight that isn’t due until Friday. I just needed to give them something to do that was separate, but similar… so no one could argue about who was getting more attention.

The night was quiet, no one drowned a sister in the tub and the bedtime routine was fairly peaceful. Given how quickly they both fell asleep, I’d say that staying up late last night and sparring all day exhausted them. If there’s no school tomorrow, I’m sending them anyway. 

Ice Princess

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