Sunday, August 7, 2011

Offer Sent In!

Rather than sitting around, trying to decide what to do, we made a decision on Friday night. Yesterday, we put in an offer on the foreclosed house we looked at on Friday. I still feel sad about potentially leaving this house and I dread going through nine years of junk and readying this house for sale. However, I’m excited by the prospect of what that house could be.

Up until about an hour before we saw the house Friday, there were multiple offers on the table. I thought that we’d have to fight for it if we wanted it. Then our realtor let us know that the offers had been withdrawn. This made me nervous as we don’t know why. We do know that it happened before inspections, so I know that wasn’t it. Our realtor was told that they were withdrawn for “the usual reasons” so she assumes the buyers couldn’t come to terms with the bank.

This, coupled with my recent dream about a house with two staircases and the first four digits of the MLS being my parents phone number, makes me feel like maybe it’s meant to be ours. Yes, I too can be superstitious at times.

We met with the realtor yesterday afternoon and were relieved that her idea of a good offer was the same as ours. She also told us that nowadays, it's somewhat standard that buyers ask for help with closing costs. The last time we played the real estate game, the market was so hot, no one asked for that. 

The girls were beyond excited while we made the offer. They tried their best to sit patiently and color but as always a few comments bubbled to the surface. The realtor even said to Spice, “I bet you’re Spice!” Then they asked for, and got, a tour of the real estate office. I think Spice liked the kitchen the best and even asked to see the inside of the refrigerator. Dear God.

Sugar got into the offer process herself by asking if she could submit a letter to the bank. We gave it to our realtor and it will be presented along with our offer. This is what she wrote:

Dear Bankers,
I think my family should get that house on Horizon Drive because my family doesn’t have a big backyard like that one has. My dad says that backyard can have a pool, a big deck, an ice skating rink in the winter and a swing-set.

My mom will love it if you let my family have that house because there is a play room above the garage so me and my sister don’t trash the family room with all sorts of toys. She also liked the bathroom that leads to the master bedroom because it has a stand-up shower and Jacuzzi.

I like the house because it is super close to my new school. I also like the house because it has lots of windows. I also like the way it is formed. I love the neighborhood because it is very flat.

So if you would just let my family have this house, we would love it. Thank you!


The only input I gave was the correct spelling of Jacuzzi.

After we signed the offer, the House Stalkers went to window peek once again. Our plan was thwarted by the presence of an extremely bitchy realtor. EN asked if she was a realtor and said we were just there to window peek. She had nothing to say so he said, “I guess we’ll move along then,” to which she responded, “Thank you.” As we pulled out of the driveway an out-of-state car pulled in. Even if they loved the house, I know my offer got in first! Not that it really matters.

Skinny Bitch and her girls went over to check the house out too and we have their seal of approval. Her girls said that it looks like a party house and her little one asked if she could have her birthday party there. I’m sure they’ll be less impressed when they see the toiletless bathroom and the little kitchen that isn’t.

Now we sit and wait to hear. Smart people would start going through the years of accumulated junk, just in case. I'm scared that pre-sorting will jinx us. 

Ice Princess

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