Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My thoughts are muddled and have been for the last week. That should explain the lack of blogging. I just can’t see straight. For a variety of reasons, my thoughts are overwhelmed and all jumbled up and nothing comes out that sounds right.

Last weekend we had a few friends over and some of us over-indulged. Others were smart enough to beat feet out of my house at a reasonable hour. Those that stayed kept their wits about them until we insured that those driving seemed ok, and that the remaining children were bedded down for the night. We then adjusted our virtual party hats to a jauntier angle and delicately sipped our adult beverages at a leisurely pace. Ok, that’s a flat-out lie. We slammed beer like we were teenagers sneaking beers at a kegger. We drank like that day was the last we would live. If we had been lucid enough to find a funnel I’m sure we would have put that to good use.

It was another night when everyone present had their game on. Much fun was had and we all stayed up way past our bedtimes. The sleepover guests slunk out the door around 8 am to do the walk of shame down my driveway. Unfortunately, that meant that Spice was in my face screaming that her friend had left without saying goodbye.

Happily, my belly and my head, while not clear, did not ache. I was impressed with how good I felt until I stood up. Oh my dear God… I am 40 years old, how did I think that STANDING for nine straight hours was a good idea? Let me clarify that: I stood, in the kitchen on tile floors, wearing flip flops for most of that. Then around 11, Ultra and I headed out to the garage to hang out with the boys. I do recall mentioning, and her agreeing that we sit down. I don’t know why we never did, but my body hurt all day Sunday. Even my toes weren’t happy to have been separated for so long. I’ll admit to smirking a bit when my pal texted to see if I ached too… oh yeah… She might be younger and littler, but she’s old too! HA!

We also needed to get moving on school clothes shopping so we hit Old Navy on Sunday afternoon. We bought a few things, but I need to go online today to get more stuff… Online 30% off sale ends today, for those of you not in the know! After that, I think all we have left are supplies, backpacks and shoes. Of course Spice is dying for the Bella Ballerina shoes from Sketchers… because she totally needs a pair of shoes that will help her twirl better. Seriously. I’m hoping to redirect her attention towards the Twinkletoes. I think they’re adorable and if I can’t have them, one of my kids should.  

And then there’s the home buying/selling drama. We had our inspection Saturday which went pretty well. The girls and I stopped by quickly and I nearly died when I saw the house in the bright noontime sunlight. I love a sun-drenched house, hate putting lights on during the day. However, sunlight pouring through all those windows magnified the filth in that house. Nothing is clean. There is a layer of dirt, grime and scum on everything. It truly is gross.

Throughout the week, we have had different issues to discuss, forms to sign, documents to locate and scan…. Meantime we still have our house to sort through and list. I have tomorrow and Friday off to get this done. The girls will be away for part of that time, so I’ll be able to get through their rooms without their assistance and tantrums. If they miss anything, I can totally lie and say it’s packed to go to the new place. By the time we get there, they’ll have forgotten.

If I were to be totally honest, I would admit to the activity that has really been the one keeping me from blogging… It’s a stupid online game that I have become ridiculously hooked on… it’s a Scrabble game that you can play with your Facebook friends. And the kicker? I hate real Scrabble, but now I find myself even dreaming of those stupid letters. I’m such a junkie that last week when I threw down the word “dildo” in a game with EN’s Friday night goalie, I texted the rest of my gaming buddies so they too could be impressed with my dirty girl talk.

I have all these balls in the air, a crazy juggling act. Obviously, the juggling act is made crazier with my fuzzy head, filled with too many plans to make and things to do. I silently thank the Sweet Baby Jesus for helping me see the light on Saturday, knowing that my fuzzy head is as a result of stuff and not alcohol, because I still am never drinking again. 

Ice Princess

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