Friday, August 12, 2011

Divorcing Hair Girl

There are so many salons in my town that it can be difficult to choose where to go. I’ve gone through several, never being faithful for long. Sooner or later, I’d have a hard time getting an appointment so I’d move on. No big deal.

For the past four years, I’ve gone to the same gal. First, she ran a salon out of her house, then she moved to the same place as Spice’s daycare so it was even closer to home. Since I pay a decent sum for my “fancy highlights” I was delighted to learn that I would get a 10% discount because my child attended the daycare next door, which happens to be run by my stylist’s mother.

She’s been there over a year now and I’ve continued to go there every eight weeks or so. I know everyone that works there, so it was especially frustrating for me that every time I went I would have to ask for the daycare discount. After this long, they should remember me. Second, they have a computer system with all my information, how difficult would it be to put a note in there to give me the discount? I feel like I sound like a cheap bitch, asking for my discount.

Last Saturday I went for my appointment and she did the same cut and color she always does. A few things I don’t like, but whatever… no one is perfect. I went to check out and once again, asked for the daycare discount. Hair Girl says, “Spice isn’t at the daycare anymore. You are no longer eligible for the discount.” I said, “Oh, everything your mother ever sent out about the salon said that alumni were eligible too.” She then stated that she asked her mother repeatedly to take off “alumni” because they aren’t eligible. Ok, fine. Now I look like a cheap bitch asking for a discount that I’m not entitled to.

I fumed inwardly while writing out my check. I was humiliated to be talked to like that in front of the receptionist and another client. Thank you Hair Girl for being so loud. I am further pissed off at myself because it didn’t occur to me to not tip her. I mean, isn’t that proper etiquette? The owner of the salon doesn’t get a tip?  I don’t know, maybe that rule changed.

On the way home I called EN and bitched at him. I texted Fly Girl and bitched at her too. She used to work for the daycare, I knew she’d be sympathetic. After I vented, I made the decision to divorce the stylist. We know the Ice Princess doesn’t like confrontation or change, so we know how it’ll be handled: I’ll call the salon after hours and just cancel my appointment.

Boo and Ultra are floored by this takesie backsie of the discount. Ultra told me today that she’d bitch slap me if I ever went back to the salon. She’s younger and littler than me, but the thought of her bitch slapping me scares the shit out of me. Maybe I could pay her in beer to go slap Hair Girl.

Ice Princess

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