Friday, August 12, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

 I had an opportunity to take a few pictures of the new house today and thought I would share them. Upon closer inspection, we realize that this house will need a major cleaning, some necessary work and a whole lot of cosmetic help.

The Good:
Nice trim in dining room. 

Tray ceiling in master bedroom. Love it!

Family room on first floor. I love all the windows. 

More pretty windows in the dining room. Look to the right
and you'll notice the door  has no trim at all.

Have always wanted wood staircase like this.

The Bad:

Weird cabinet in kitchen. Not sure what it used to be. Spice can
fit inside it. That's all that matters. 

The sink in the master bath. I call her "Peg." 

Tub in master bath. Teensy jacuzzi floating in a sea of cheap plastic.

Not sure where this toilet went. 

Teensy little light in the 20 foot cathedral ceiling. I had to zoom in. 

The Ugly:

The mantle is barely tacked to the wall. Notice there is no fireplace. Yeah, that's sheetrock. Sugar and Spice get to draw a fire on it when we move in.

White carpet in this big room with the weird walls. EN thinks
it was supposed to be church-like. I'm leaning in the
opposite direction.

Window seat covered in maroon carpeting one would find in
a whore's bedroom. I call it the Boom Chicka Boom
Boom Bench. 

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