Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Middle School Open House

Yesterday was the Open House for Sugar’s new school. She enters fifth grade next week and therefore moves on to the middle school. They seem a little young to be moving in with the ‘big kids,’ but they are kept in an area of the school that is completely separate from the rest of the kids. I know my baby will be ok.

Sugar spent the night before at BFFL’s house, so I arranged with her mother to meet right at the school. I talked to Sugar during the evening to remind her that I would be there and to ask if everything was going well at her friend’s house. She told me that she had brought “Soul Surfer” with her so they could watch it together. I said, “BFFL didn’t want to see that movie! Why would you bring it?” I truly hope that she brought the movie to share with her friends because she loves it so much, not because she could force it on her friend after her refusal to come to the movies with us. As it turns out, BFFL, her two sisters and mother all watched the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Spice and I got to the middle school on time and were greeted by Sugar and her friends. They seemed to be getting along quite well. We located her two classrooms and found the teachers to be overwhelmed with other parents, so BFFL’s older sister took us on a tour of the entire school. Sugar seems very excited and thrilled to start school next week.

As she wandered off to reacquaint herself with the friends she hadn’t seen all summer, I was left to deal with the Mommy Mafia and the drama that they bring to the table. Oddly, this time with the mafia didn’t go as it normally did. I didn’t feel excluded or talked down to. For once, I felt like I was part of the mafia myself. We laughed and joked. I told them about the new house and not knowing who Spice’s kindergarten teacher is. They insisted that the information was in the packet I received and *ahem* must not have read. But this time, rather than feeling that they were talking down to me, really being the only full-time working mama in that bunch (and therefore neglecting my kids), I felt as they were sympathizing with this HOLY SHIT LIFE IS CRAZY time.

Maybe my comfort level is higher because Skinny Bitch and I finally have kids in the same school, so we can face the beasts together. Having a sidekick helps. Her daughter went to the other elementary school in town, which both feed into one middle school. Our girls are friends, so I’m hopeful that they will become closer. It seemed like all the kids (and mamas) were from our school, but Skinny Bitch knows many from her girls’ involvement in softball. She got to see the mafia in action when one tried to act like she had never met her before. Skinny Bitch with Brass says, “Oh yes, we’ve met. Our kids played softball together.” Score one for SB, I would have stood there and pretended that I’d never seen her before either.

I wandered back down to the classrooms and got to meet both teachers. I have to say, I love them both. One said, “Oh, I’m so glad you came back… I was eyeballing your purse and wanted to tell you I liked it.” We took a few minutes out of our purse talk to discuss school, but we circled right back to talk about outlets and coupons. I really dig this chick. BFFL’s mom was off to the side, rolling her eyes, “I knew you two would hit it off.”

We had concerns when everyone got their letters assigning classrooms and Sugar didn’t seem to know anyone in her class. She was relieved to see quite a few people yesterday that will be with her. One girl she doesn’t care for at all… she tried to befriend her when this girl was new to town which went well for a short time. Then Sugar invited her to a birthday party and the new girl said she’d only come if she could bring her own friends. Since then, they haven’t spoken much… However, Sugar’s FIRST CRUSH from kindergarten is with her this year. She got all flustered when she saw him come into the classroom. His mother and I just looked at each other and raised our eyebrows. We apparently both remember that he called her Peanut in kindergarten. We both remember that during kindergarten graduation, Sugar looked right at me and said, “Mama, just look at his smile.” I’m grateful that she said it loud enough that we caught it with the video camera. It will be interesting to see if the crush remains or if her taste has changed.

We wandered out to BFFL’s car to collect Sugar’s things and I was pleased to see the daughters in this perfect family having a skirmish. BFLL starts hollering that she had called shotgun, but her older sister sat in the front anyway. As she closed the door to the back seat, her mother said, “Abby’s in the front because she’s my favorite. Bye BFFL!” She slammed the door and looked at me, “You know I’m going to pay dearly for that later.” I replied, “Yeah you will, but it was hilarious.” I truly appreciate and was happy to see another mother navigating though the battlefield armed with nothing more than a sense of humor. Mean mothers unite!

Crazy  times ahead. A new school for Sugar and a new routine. I was thrilled to see her interact with so many kids yesterday, she’s sure to find her spot in the place she will go for the next four years. It was interesting to see how tall all her friends got over the summer. I’m sure Sugar grew too, but she’s still so little compared to her friends. If Smiley Boy still wants to call his kindergarten girlfriend by her old nickname, Peanut still fits. 

Ice Princess

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