Thursday, August 11, 2011

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It’s practically officially official… the bank accepted the last offer we submitted. It looks like the Ice Princess has a new castle. In fact, for the moment, the Ice Princess has TWO castles. Dear God, what were we thinking?

This has been a crazy week. We’ve gone back and forth with the bank numerous times. I’ve been frustrated with the waiting and frustrated with their counter offers. They started off being highly inflexible so I researched foreclosures to see if that was standard behavior. As it turns out, banks are known for not negotiating. I read it on the internet, it must be true. Therefore, I feel lucky that they came down on price, contributing to closing costs and will pay for the propane and water hook-ups.

Though I consider the last week to be crazy, I’m smart enough to realize that the next few months will totally suck. We need to dejunk our house and get it listed. We need to close on the new house, move all our stuff. During that, we will be living in a home that is on the market… with two kids and three dogs.

In the short term, we are committing financial suicide. We will have two mortgages. We are taking from 401ks and savings for the down payment. Our savings will be low and there will be a 401k payment to make… along with the two mortgages. During this time, we hope there will be no catastrophes that would force us to spend more from savings.

Last night I had a complete panic attack and wanted to pull the plug on the whole deal. The thought of being so financially strapped took my breath away. I am extremely conservative with my finances. After dropping daycare, we are finally able to breathe each month. Now we are burying ourselves. So I did what no one will believe: I prayed. I didn’t ask for any favors. I simply said, “Dear God, I don’t care what happens… just make it all work out like it’s supposed to. Amen”

I think I’ve said before, I’m not traditionally religious. I don’t go to church and I’ll keep my thoughts about The Bible to myself. I do believe that there is a greater being that watches over us all. I believe we are never given more than we can handle and everything happens for a reason. Based on these beliefs, I knew that any Higher Power in my world would make things work out as they were meant to be.

I’m also a believer in karma, you reap what you sow, you get what you deserve. If that’s the case, two hard-working people that take their financial obligations seriously deserve to win. They deserve to be able to take a risk and have it all work out in the end.

Keep us in your prayers. And hang on tightly… we’ve just boarded the crazy train. Wild times ahead. 

Ice Princess

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