Saturday, July 30, 2011


The last few days have been relatively quiet, but I have learned a few important things…
  1.   “Letting Mama sleep in on the weekends” means that the child will attempt to try to be quiet by waking the mama up with notes. Not talking, can’t get mad… right?
  2.  Some libraries don’t charge late fees. I just paid a .60 late fee from 2004. Imagine what the interest might have added up to…
  3. Putting the 6 pound puppy on the picnic table while you sit outside reading definitely keeps her safe. However, when she comes inside, she feels it’s her God-given right to sit on the table during dinner.
  4. Saying or signing “time out” during The Quiet Game means that you lose. Period. There are no time outs, quiet is quiet.
  5. Just because they both have the word CORN in them, you may NOT put candy corn on corn on the cob. Some foods just aren’t meant to go together.
  6. It’s perfectly ok to have Daddy bring the girls to a movie without Mama. This way Mama can go to dinner with Skinny Bitch, where they can talk over each other for four hours and not complete a single story. This is what happens when you get together with a friend, without families, only once a year.
  7.  Sometimes you need to expand your horizons. I hate science fiction and thought I had no interest in The Hunger Games. Now, I’m dying to read the rest of the series. If you are reading this blog, I implore you to add this series to your “Must Read” list.
  8.  It’s not ok to fight with your sister while playing wii boxing. Bad things can happen.
  9.  If you would like to comment on the blog and there is no “little pencil” to click on (PINKY!), click “Comments” at the bottom of each post and you should be able to speak your mind.
  10. Eight pounds of blueberries is plenty. If Fly Girl’s beer isn’t flavored enough for her, she’ll have to suffer in silence. I considered going again today, but I already picked plenty enough last weekend. If EN really wants the 10 pounds he thinks he needs, he and Sugar can go together. It’ll be like a contest, who can have a tantrum first and lie down in the field kicking and screaming.

As you can see, life is quiet. We enjoyed the beautiful summer day outside. The girls swam, I read, EN puttered. Life is good. 

Ice Princess

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  1. Spice now needs to talk to congress. Out of the mouth of babes. Someone must have taught that little firecracker the difference between right and wrong.