Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Senior and Stepmommy!

Though I really would like to keep my man-hater cap on for one more day, I worry about being mistaken for the President of the She-Woman-Man-Haters Club. I leave behind the discussion about what jackballs we are married to and move on to other stuff.

We were very excited to see EN Senior and Stepmommy over the weekend. I’ve seen Senior a few times, but haven’t seen Stepmommy since I went to spend time with them in November 2009 while Senior was undergoing chemo and radiation. The preparation for the visit always starts with drama, because Senior  tries to get our family together with Sissy’s. As I have blogged before, Sissy is extremely inflexible and any get together needs to take place at a time and place that is convenient for her (provided she has to put forth zero effort and no money). Given the recent drama I’ve had with my own sister, I wasn’t feeling so charitable. Besides, I’m always the chick who does the entertaining. We should all be invited to Sissy’s and I’ll pull one of her moves and offer to bring one cookie per guest as she is known to do.

As it worked out in the end, Senior and Stepmommy spent Thursday and Friday afternoon with Sissy and her family, and Friday evening and Saturday with us. A perfect solution as far as I’m concerned. I was amused when I heard that Sissy wouldn’t let her own father come to her house because it was messy. I told Senior and Stepmommy that next time they really should give more notice before visiting. Two weeks is simply not enough time. I was downright giddy when I heard that Stepmommy had actually spoken up to Mr. Sissy and told him that maybe he should consider selling his ridiculous number of motorcycles and cars and buy one or two cars that are in good running condition. I mean really, couldn’t a grown up come up with a logical plan like that on his own? Mr. Sissy, probably not… he’s the same guy that gave up the management position at the store he works at because they expected him to do hard stuff like adding up time cards. All those fractions and shit, who knew management was so tough?

Our visit with them was uneventful, but a lot of fun. We went out for meals to some of my favorite places. EN introduced our favorite waitress to “his parents” which is hilarious, given that Stepmommy is only about a year older than he is. EN and I laughed like hell while Stepmommy pretended to be mad. We got to shop (damn that Build-A-Bear and those stupid Smurfettes!) and hit Dueling Pianos again on Saturday night.

Stepmommy had said she wanted to see the show after hearing about how much fun it was, so I bought tickets when they said they were coming. I was a little disappointed in the well-behaved crowd, because that show is so much better when people get their drink on in a bad way (and not the Tambourine Man either!). They played some of the same stuff, also added in fun songs like Total Eclipse of the Heart and Freebird. I’m beside myself that Stepmommy is NOT a fan of either Freebird or Sweet Home Alabama. Don’t you face jail time or something if you are FROM Alabama and you don’t like Sweet Home Alabama? Us Yankees really dig that song and I may or may not have once been involved in playing that song on repeat in a bar for over an hour. Guess what? Every one of those drunk Yankees danced like hell the entire time.  

It should be said here that Senior is a VERY NICE man. One thinks twice about swearing in front of him, he’s so nice. I wondered how he would take the bad language that often comes out during these shows. That man lit up like Christmas when they played Cee Lo Green’s song and when the crowd started participating in The Right Stuff (I’m not sure what the goes on exactly, but it sounds like the crowd yells “Burn that mother fucker down”). He was like the good boy hanging out with the party crowd for the night. I do believe he had a lovely time. I know I caught him singing along to songs like American Pie and The Gambler.

This is what family visits should be like: fun, easygoing and drama-free. We hung out together and did a few things, but there was no set schedule. We had time to just talk and we had time to play, both with and without Sugar and Spice. Maybe that changes when you live closer to one another and feel more comfortable getting into each other’s business. All I know is that when the visit was over, I was happy with the time I spent with EN’s family.

And a big "Cee Lo Green" to the husbands that don't appreciate their wives singing. I will NEVER stop singing The Gambler, even if it does cause my own children to break down in tears and beg for mercy.

Ice Princess

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