Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Longer "New"

First, welcome to Follower #8!!! Well have to hang out more so I can properly nickname you. Otherwise you'll be stuck with a boring one like "Jersey." ;o)

In the midst of this crazy heat, our family has gone from one play date to another for the last week. We have seen Skinny Bitch and her family twice, Boo twice, Pinky, Peggy and the Wood’s, Ultra and her family… and Sugar is with yet another friend today. Every day we have done something fun, only to be rudely interrupted by commitments like working for a living.

On Thursday night we met Pinky, Boo, Peggy and some others for ice cream. It was so hot that the ice cream turned to soup between the pick-up window and the picnic tables. Despite the heat, we sat and chatted for two hours. On Friday, the girls and I checked out our brand-new Hobby Lobby. I haven’t been to one in years and truth be told, I was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t buy a single crafty thing to do as I had intended… I bought the girls each a small something and got out of there quick. I was on overload-so many pretty items, so many cool things to do, where do I begin? I honestly have no business starting anything new until I clean my house first. Until then, I’ll blog, play games on Facebook and read books-those are the current activities keeping me from cleaning!

On Saturday, I took the girls blueberry picking with Boo and Ben. We were supposed to meet Boo at 8:45 and Sugar walked into my room at 8 am and announced (gleefully) that it was thundering and raining so we couldn’t go. I texted Boo and we decided to wait until later. Later came and we met at the farm at noon… because only smart bitches pick blueberries at high noon. I sweat more there than I did on that elliptical. Sweat ran down my back and butt and pooled in my pants until I looked like I had peed myself. Then Sugar had to have her annual Blueberry Picking Meltdown and lay on the ground screaming and crying that her belly hurt and she was going to throw up and she was so hot. I might have taken her seriously and been more sympathetic had I not seen that fit every other time we’ve gone.  Seriously chick, you hate blueberries and you hate blueberry picking, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON COMING ALONG? I finally said exactly that to her, “why do you come with me?” She had no answer, so we agreed that she will never again enter a field of blueberries with her mother.

We went home and literally spent the rest of the day in the pool. Yup, even I jumped in. Refreshing? Not so much. Given that the weather was triple digits for three days, the pool heated up to a balmy 88 degrees. At first it felt nice, but then felt a bit like swimming in soup.

On Sunday we joined Skinny Bitch and her family at a nearby lake where they are spending a week of vacation time. Crazy Bitch came out for a bit and impressed us all with a level of OCD that even surpassed my imagination. I’ve got nothing on her. Other than a bit of excitement between Crazy Bitch’s grandpuppy and Skinny Bitch’s dog (think puppy porn) a wonderful and restful day was enjoyed by all. The four little girls played together for hours on end with no fighting between sisters or between friends. My favorite line of the day came when I asked SB’s daughter a question when she said something about Spice and she answered, “I know my Spice.” I love seeing the girls so in love with their friends.

Monday brought a spur-of-the-moment dinner at TGI Friday’s with Ultra and her girls. I don’t know if the girls ramped up their energy in the cooler temperatures, or if they were just excited to see each other. Ultra and I were stuck at a table full of hooligans. No one sat through the meal, they stole each other’s food and they talked non-stop. The other patrons of the restaurant may not have appreciated their antics, but I’d say that the girls thoroughly enjoyed seeing each other. Ultra and I hid down at our end of the table and pretended like we had never seen them before. We totally should have sat at the bar by ourselves.

I think back over the last few days and find it interesting that suddenly, in my old age, I am putting together a circle of friends that I like, people that are mine. They aren’t friends of EN’s whose advances I have to fend off and haggish wives I have to put up with, they are in my life because I want them to be. I haven’t had a circle of friends like this since I was in the ninth grade living in Omaha. Back then we talked about movies and boys. Now we talk about childbirth, lazy husbands, transvestites and sex. I’d be willing to say they my friends are perhaps a little older and wiser than that group of ninth graders was. Opinions differ as to whether we are more mature.

Thanks to all of you that crossed my path recently… whether in person, via text, email, or even just a random post on Facebook. Finally after 20+ years in this area, I no longer feel like the new girl. 

Ice Princess

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