Monday, July 18, 2011

Going Upscale

Now that I'm part of Blogher, I've decided to go even more upscale. Oh yes! I've had several complaints from my twelve readers that even when they follow, they don't get notified when there's a new post.

I'm happy to say that I found a tool and installed it on the blog. Look to the right of your screen and you will see a spot where you can enter your email address and be notified every time I post. This is directly above where my  merry band of followers is listed. Now if I could just get the Blogher stuff to show up properly... sigh.

It was a crazy fun weekend and I will blog about it... probably tomorrow. Lots of good food and drink, fun company and yet another round of Dueling Pianos. My brain is feeling a little melty and unable to string together words that make sense.

I'm spending today playing Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook. It remains to be seen whether this will help my brain feel less melty...

Ice Princess

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