Monday, October 11, 2010

Uncertainties on the Job Front

Since this is all new, I have so many things I could rant about… It’s hard to choose just one thing! Sooner or later though, I’m sure that I will run out of ideas and may even be forced to say nice things about people and events. Oh, the horror of it all.

I’m within 11 weeks of finishing my BS in Business Studies. I’ve been working on an online degree for the last two years. It’s been interesting, frustrating, a piece of cake and also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t believe I’m this close and I am amazed I stuck with it to completion.

This puts me in an interesting spot at work. What shall I do next? I earn a pretty nice paycheck and the benefits here are wonderful. However I hate my job and I’m totally bored by it. I took the position eight years ago (holy shit!) thinking I’d stay until something better came along. In the meantime, I’ve had Spice and started working towards a degree.

I am an admin, or Queen Ass Wiper, as I like to say. I’m frustrated with the level of engineering entitlements (that’s a post for another day) and being stuck at a level where some think I’m too stupid to voice a thought or give an opinion. I do like most of the people here and even considered staying on and working towards and MBA. A conversation with my boss last week crushed that idea. I’m being encouraged to look for work elsewhere when I complete my degree.

Since I’m ridiculously sensitive, I’m mostly hurt by the “recommendation” from my boss. We’ve worked together for six years and I feel like I’m being dumped. Does it help that he offered to give me a “glowing reference?” Does it help that he suggested that I get out of here while he’s still here to give me a good reference? Should I read between the lines and wonder if he’s planning on retiring in the near future?

I’ve done some preliminary searching and have seen a few things that look interesting but I’m scared. I don’t like change. I haven’t worked on a resume or been on a job interview in eight years. I don’t remember how to act or what to say. Girls with no self confidence aren’t able to “sell themselves.”

There is one thing I remember from interviews though. No matter how thirsty you get, never accept the offer of a beverage. Because when the interviewee, who is all decked out and dressed to impress drinks from that glass of water, the dark lipstick she’s wearing may rub off on the cup. The next time the interviewee takes a sip, dark lipstick is then transferred onto the face of interviewee and no one tells her. She doesn’t realize the lipstick transfer has occurred until she gets into her car after the interview and looks in the rearview mirror. There staring back at me were curved lipstick lines ON MY CHEEKS… like the Joker from the Batman movies.

Never drink the water.

Ice Princess

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