Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poopid & Doopid

Spice got her nickname due to her mouth. She says the things people dream of saying and she gets away with it. People just laugh about how funny she is. It’s annoying when you are the mama trying to get the kid to toe the line.

My parents also think she’s hysterical and let her get away with being mouthy. We see them often. At the very least we are there every other Sunday for dinner. Sunday dinner is MANDATORY. There is no excuse that can be used to get you out of going to dinner. You could die that day, and still my mother would come and find and kick your dead ass. How dare you have the audacity to miss dinner? This past summer, we were driving off after dinner and Spice, while waving and blowing kisses, says, “Bye Poopid! Bye Doopid!” Now, when I am pissed at them, that’s how I refer to them. In my head. Only Spice can get away with actually saying stuff like that out loud.

My mother was recently away for about ten days. While she was gone we had a Sunday dinner in her absence. Dad is a good cook, so we were still guaranteed a good meal even though Mom was gone. After dinner we socialized for a bit while the kids ate their treats and played with the goofy little prizes my dad had gotten them.

Apparently he bought them stickers and didn’t think to pay attention to Spice. When we came back into the kitchen, there were stickers on everything: refrigerator, cabinets, doors, dishwasher, pantry… just everywhere. It should be noted here that my mother is one of those German clean freaks (she even irons her dish towels). My dad looked like he was going to have a heart attack-“WE NEED TO FIND ALL THE STICKERS BEFORE YOUR MOTHER GETS HOME.”

It was obvious who put the stickers up, you could pretty much draw a line around the room, about 36 inches from the floor. We asked Spice why she did that, and she said because she wanted to. Really, is there any other logical answer from a four-year-old? We spent the next few minutes peeling stickers and thought we got them all. I got two emails from dad during the week to say that he had found a few more. We thought we were in the clear. My mother was home for less than twelve hours when she found another sticker.

What can I say Poopid and Doopid, Spice is stuck on you!

Ice Princess

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