Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins, Parties and a Parade

Some weeks are just a shitstorm of activity and this was truly one of ‘em! Halloween is a much loved holiday around this house and the girls have a ton of stuff they want to do to make it the most perfect Halloween ever. This is also the last week of my class, so I had a final in addition to the usual workload.

Sugar decided she loved last years costume so much, she wanted to wear the same thing again. However, we had to change up the makeup and add vampire teeth so she was actually a vampire-witch. Read between the lines here folks, a hyphenated costume means an additional spend and extra effort. This week she has had a Girl Scout Halloween party, school parade and party today, then trick-or-treat on Sunday. The very cool false eyelashes and rhinestone tattoo are being saved for Sunday’s grand finale.

Spice had her preschool party today and was beyond excited to wear her costume to school. Is there anything better? We also contributed a Graveyard Cake for her party. It was decorated this morning with gravestones, skeletons and skulls, pumpkins and gummy worms. The ulterior motive in Spice offering assistance was that she had to personally taste test every item that topped the cake. Gummy worms did not meet the expectations of her gourmet-level palate.

I’m glad I took today off from work. It was Sugar’s last march in our town’s annual Halloween Parade. I think it’s really cool that the town still closes down Main Street so the two elementary schools can have their students show off their costumes. Then on Halloween, all the Main Street businesses are open and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. A fun place to live… remind me I said this when I complain about the ridiculous real estate taxes I pay.

Most of the activities are now behind us, but for pumpkin carving and trick or treating. It will be a fun-filled weekend, but a small part of me looks forward to tucking in my tuckered goblins on Sunday night. 

Ice Princess

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