Sunday, October 10, 2010

Choosing the Name

I've wanted to start a blog for a long time. I have a few close girlfriends that I share a lot of stuff with. We correspond mostly by email as most live pretty far away. I found myself emailing the same tale of woe, thoughts, rants, dreams and wishes over and over again... My real friends, they know everything. And they are the gals I've told about this blog. I'm hoping that blogging will "simplify" my life, yet still let me keep my bestest and closest well informed.

So what the hell does the name of this blog mean? Well, I'm a Facebook fanatic and have called my girls Sugar and Spice for a very long time. One of my friends suggested the nicknames, and they've stuck. My husband is really the nicest man in the world (that doesn't mean I don't get frustrated with him!) Ice Princess was the name I gave my work computer as everything had to be a snow or cold theme. My coworkers found out and all agree the name fits the owner better than the computer. My husband got right in on that action too and thinks he's wildly funny when he calls me "Princess O'Ice." Who asked him anyway?

I'm hoping this blog is cathartic. I have a lot of shit that I need to get off my chest regularly. I'm hoping that writing about what's making me nuts will make me a kinder, gentler (HA!) person. So my rants, they are my Buckets of Ice. By posting them, maybe they'll melt away. Or pile up all together into a glacier. We'll see.

Ice Princess

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