Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Peeps

Yesterday’s post was a downer. Flat-out, there wasn’t much “happy” to be found in it, was there? My biggest fan didn’t even text me to tell me that she loved my post and I need to come up with another IMMEDIATELY. Ok, not immediately, but yesterday. She’s a pushy broad, that Cindy! And that’s why I love her. She pushes me to be better, stronger, happier.

What moves me? What makes me smile? What makes me laugh so hard I’m afraid I’ll pee my pants? Mostly my husband and children. If you don’t live with the people that make you laugh the hardest and love the mostest, what’s this life for?

I have this incredible husband. This man that thinks I rock. I juggle a thousand things at a time and he tries to help, but really, does a man ever do anything right? Can a man living in a Barbie House of Pink really ever have a say and stand strong? Not so much. But he tries. He’s been dealt a couple of figure skaters after thirty-something years of dreaming of hockey players. He can dress a Barbie, drink tea out of a plastic teacup and wipe ass better than I’m sure he ever thought he could. He is amazing.

Then there’s Sugar. Her smile lights my world. She wakes in the morning with this ridiculous smile on her face, ready to embrace the adventures that she’ll face today. A morning person does not live with me. How could this child have come be mine? She was the baby strangers smiled at in the stores because she was always happy. She has these humungous brown eyes that light up when she’s happy… and go completely blank when she is sad. Her happiness, her zest for life, her aura… is breathtaking. She is truly the first-born, spoiled child of a couple who waited a long time to welcome another into their brood.

And Spice. Holy shit, where did this kid come from? She’s sassy, rude and everyone who meets her loves her madly. She bitches endlessly about how the world has wronged her, but at the same time her family is her world. She tells her sister frequently that she’s the “best sister ever.” She woke me up at 6 am on a Saturday. I opened one eye and said, “Baby, why are you up so early?” She said, “because, Mama, I missed you.”

Stinky morning breath has never smelled so sweet.

Ice Princess

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