Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Updates

The heat is on. And I didn’t turn it on, let me remind you all. The whatchamacallit has been replaced and some blah-blah board repair was made. I really just need the abridged version (“it’s done”) rather than the details, but since I had to suffer through a detailed play-by-play of the repair, you do too.

In an effort to jump start my weight loss, I have taken the stairs to the office for the last two days. I’m also parking a bit further away and haven’t had soda or beer since the weekend. Baby steps. I even brought celery as a snack today. I considered going for a walk at lunch time, but let’s not take on too much too soon.

Sugar and Spice spent the night at my parents house on Satruday and Spice chatted my mother up about the stickers she so thoughtfully decorated the house with. Their conversation went something like this:

Spice: Did you find the last sticker I put up for you?
My mom: Yes, I sure did!
Spice: Well I knew Grandpa wouldn’t see it, that was special just for you!
My mom: It is a very pretty sticker. I’ll keep it there forever and ever.

Seriously Mom, are you not the same woman that mandated that any posters we hung up in our rooms need to be on the doors only, where they could be easily removed? They aren’t kidding when they say you treat your grandchildren much differently than you treat your kids.

And I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Spice has brought her artistic flair to her very own bathroom. Would you have ever thought to put a sticker on your potty? 

Ice Princess

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