Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Stellar Day

I titled this post “A Stellar Day” and I’m pissed off about it. I’m pissed because no matter how hard I look within Microsoft Word, I cannot find the “Sarcasm Font” that I keep asking Microsoft to incorporate. I conclude that Microsoft is run by MEN and we all know that men don’t listen.

I’m not a fan of a rainy day, but I did start off feeling very light-hearted. Today was supposed to be a good day. I was supposed to have a telephone interview with someone. It was the last day of Mediation Training. Everything was supposed to be good.

I got to work this morning and fixed my coffee and settled in for a short day. What could be better? My boss walked in with attitude. I really have no idea what’s going on with him, but his sourness permeated the office and put a pall over everything. Not a word was spoken throughout the day, we all kept to ourselves. It was so bad that I emailed someone who wasn’t in and told him I was raiding his Girl Scout Cookies. I needed chocolate and if he wasn’t happy with my raid on his office, I’d happily fight him the next time he came in. He was scared and told me to finish off the box if I chose to. Two cookies were plenty.

I left work with plenty of time to make myself comfortable in the parking lot of the building where I would attend training. Because of the rain, I arrived at the very moment the interview call would come through. My phone never rang. I was disappointed and disgusted that the call never came in. Who would bother setting up a call and not make the call? I was pissed!

The final night of training went smoothly. I turned in my paperwork and got my certificate. I was excited that the role play days were over. What I didn’t anticipate was the sadness I would feel leaving my classmates. The training is intense and I had gotten to know the seven others in class pretty well. It was hard to say goodbye. I do hope to stay in touch with my classmates. The high note came when I said goodbye to the instructors. There were two and I really felt that one didn’t care so much for me. I didn’t overhear her conversations with the other students, so she may have offered the same to all of us, but she invited me to intern with her. She said she was worried about how uncomfortable I seemed, but complimented my listening skills. Who knew? I thought I was a bossy, loud mouthed bitch who talked over everyone all the time. She paid me a nice compliment and probably didn’t even realize it.

I came home to my parents and two girls that were still awake and still fighting over the puppy. My dad told me that the Afghanistan offer had been rescinded due to his Type 2 diabetes, total bummer. I know they were looking forward to that “last hurrah” of big money. I’m disappointed for them and worried about their future.

I listened to the messages on my home phone and found that the HR person had called my house instead of my cell phone. Further research showed that my email to her was in my “Drafts” folder. It never went out. I was the idiot. I am embarrassed beyond belief. I rarely screw up like that. She offered up another interview time in her message, so I sent her an email explaining the situation and accepting the 8:30 am  time slot. I hate to be the one that screwed everything up. Ugh.

Tomorrow can only be better. In anticipation, I’m having a second beer while I continue my search for that Sarcasm Font. Damn you Microsoft, help me out here!

Ice Princess

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