Friday, April 15, 2011

Small World

When we talked about our friends when we were younger, my dad would say, “I need a scorecard to keep all this straight.” This morning I’m starting to feel like that myself. I have never lived in a place long enough before where I start making connections with people that know each other.

Since the day I graduated from high school, I can think of only three or four instances when I have run into people I know from high school. My graduating class was over 800 students in a town whose population is now 87,000. It’s not that big, I work in the same town I attended high school at and I never see anyone I know. This is the life I am used to.

Earlier this week Skinny Bitch invited the girls and I to a hockey game as she had a bunch of free tickets to give away.  I told her yesterday that we would be able to attend. Even though I am not a sports fan, I know the girls love these games, plus we would be going with their friends. What could be better?

I picked Spice up at daycare last night. At first, she was quite charming and sweet, but that changed quickly. It appears that she and her BFF Payton planned a sleepover at our house for Friday night. I had to tell her we already had plans. Strike One. Then I opened a card that had been in her cubby. It was a birthday party invitation for April 23, the day we are scheduled to leave for vacation. She asked if she could go and I told her no. Strike Two. Then she told me to change the plans for vacation so she could attend the party. Again, I said no. Strike Three. Can you see my crown from where you sit? Yes, you guessed it, I was given the Meanest Mother in the World Award.

Throughout the evening I committed a multitude of other sins that further cemented my new title. However, I’m proud to say I am a meaner girl than she is because she forgets to wake up still pissed off, something that I always remember. All was sunshiny in her world today, and it got brighter when I told her we would be meeting Skinny Bitch and her girls at the game tonight.

I arrive at work this morning and find an email from Payton’s mom. It appears that she is also wearing a Mean Mama crown today. Payton was so pissed off at her for not going for the sleepover idea that she went to bed without saying good night or giving kisses. Payton has better hold-out power than Spice does though. While she woke up cheerful, she did ask, "Am I packing a bag for Spice's house or what?" Hee hee, where’d the mean five year olds come from?

As we went back and forth, we discovered that we are going to the same hockey game tonight. We will be seated one section away from them. I told her I would be with Skinny Bitch, whom she is dying to meet as she loves to blog-read about her. Then it occurred to me, they had already met at Spice’s birthday party. I’ve proven many times this week that I am not too swift.

Around the time I gave her the blog address, I found out that she works with HUGS, whom I have made fun of in the past. There isn’t much detail on the blog, but I knew she’d recognize her, so I had to beg her not to out me. If she ever tells, I’ll just sit on her because she’s a bit of a skinny bitch herself.

Today in our exchange, she told me that we have someone else in common. How small is this world?! It turns out that her mother works with one of the mean Girl Scout Cookie Moms… who happens to be the mother of C, Sugar’s favorite mean girl.

We’ve made all these weird connections in a few short conversations. For the bulk of the day, I have been feeling like I’m at Disney on the Small World ride with Spice. Because with her, there’s no doing things she loves only one time. We must have ridden that ride ten times in a row.  

It’s a small world after all,
It’s a small world after all,
It’s a small world after all,
It’s a small, small world…

Is the song going through your head now too? 

Ice Princess

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