Monday, April 4, 2011

Puppy Love

So everyone in the house is ridiculously in love with Lola. I mean ridiculously! That dog could probably get pre-chewed food spoon-fed to her if she wanted. God knows she doesn’t have to walk or even try to climb up on anything. There’s always a person around to help her out. I’d like to blame the girls, but EN and I are just as guilty of doing this.

We are going on our third week with her and the girls seem to love her even more every day. Every morning they rush into my room to see her and say “Good Morning.” Of course she sleeps in my room. In the middle of my bed, between my pillow and EN’s. Seriously. It’s pathetic how good this little pup has it. The older dogs are also benefiting from having the new girl at the house. They get much more attention from Sugar and Spice, there’s always someone willing to play. And if the girls won’t play, they con the little dog into playing tug-o-war and they swing her around the room until she’s dizzy.

Puppy love is contagious. Everyone that has met Lola loves her to pieces. She’s gone to school with Spice and made friends there. She went to Skinny Bitch’s house and even cranky ol’ Fabulous Hair gave her kisses when he thought no one was looking. My family adores her and a coworker is actually waiting for me to smuggle her into work one of these days. I don’t know about that though, the last time I smuggled a dog in, he peed on my boss’s carpet. It’s been almost five years and I still hear about it. Many friends looked at pictures of Lola and started thinking of adding on to their own animal kingdoms. One friend actually did… I haven’t heard from her in a few days and I’m a bit concerned that either her new puppy chewed her up, or she’s so mad at me for encouraging her to take this plunge. Hello?? Michelle?? Are you out there?!

The only one not totally in love with Lola is the cat. The cat doesn’t attack her or anything, but she looks at her like “WTF is that? Is it a guinea pig with long legs?!” Last night Lola made a nice attempt to show the cat how cute she is. She rolled around and pranced around the cat. The cat finally had enough and reached out with her paw and smacked Lola upside the head. If that little dog could have cried real tears she would have.
I’m not sure why, but she seemed to get mad at EN for this. She immediately moved to the far side of the bed so he couldn’t see her or reach her. I kept moving her back to the middle of the bed because I really don’t want a pet that behaves irrationally with someone that lives in the house. She finally settled down to sleep though it was obvious she still wanted to give EN the cold shoulder.   When he got up this morning though, she ran right over to him like she was wondering where he had been hiding.

Per a phone call with EN, all was well with her for most of the day. Then he accidentally shut her in the pantry and she reacted like he had chopped her tail off. He said she got irate and stayed mad for an hour. Personally, I love a puppy that’s smart enough to give a silent treatment and make it obvious.

More than loving that puppy though, I love the man who cares enough about the puppy that he tries to make amends with her. I asked him if she just got over her snit or if he did something to win her back. Apparently, she’ll do anything for a teensy piece of a doggy treat.

Lola wears the pants. No bones about it. 

Ice Princess

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