Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friend Time this Weekend

I will be spending my weekend with the girl I have known the longest... I blogged about her last year here and here

We have a weekend of a whole lot of nothing planned, just the way we like it. I thought maybe we could play Barbies or talk about boys or cut pictures of Rick Springfield out of Tiger Beat. Maybe we'll just shop, hang out and drink our Cokes out of glass bottles. All I know is that I'm excited about the next four days. It seems like we'll have so much time together. Then, all too soon, I'll be driving her back to the airport. I feel sad already.

It occurs to me that she and I have been friends since we were 11, exactly the same age Sugar is now. I look at Sugar and I can't fathom that Shannon and I were once that age. In many ways, Sugar reminds me of Shannon-how she was then and still is today. They don't look anything alike, but their personalities are so similar. They are both very sweet, kind and easy to be around. And they both tell me all the time how fucking hilarious I am (oh stop, of course Sugar doesn't say the F word). I don't know what I did right to be surrounded by all these nice people! Opposites attract, I guess.

I'm excited for the weekend ahead. Tonight we are going to a new local restaurant. I told Shannon to look at it online to see if it would be someplace she'd like to go and she's got her dinner choices narrowed down to two. How anyone can decide what they want for dinner a day in advance is beyond me. Then we are off to see "Rock of Ages," the MOVIE, not the Broadway production.

Fun times ahead. I only wish that Caller ID didn't exist so we could prank call people like we did in the good old days!

Ice Princess

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