Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Miracle that is Duct Tape

On Father’s Day EN and Sugar were discussing the upcoming event at her school that I had signed up EN to take part in (you’re welcome). The class was split into groups to build small, earthquake sustainable houses. They had a budget and had to “buy” their building supplies. The groups had to give a presentation about their house and the house had to be tested. The teacher wanted parents to judge the groups on their presentation, creativity and whether or not the houses survived the earthquake.

EN and Sugar discussed the building supplies: uncooked spaghetti, marshmallows and duct tape. EN said, “You can fix anything with duct tape.” Sugar responded, “I know. That’s why my group’s house is made of mostly duct tape.” In EN’s eleven years being Daddy, I don’t think he’s ever had a prouder moment.

Duct tape has always been a very popular item at our house. It’s recently become popular for the kids to make items out of tape: jewelry, purses, wallets, crowns… It helps that they now manufacture duct tape into a wide variety of colors and patterns. It used to be that Home Depot was the only store we could go into without being harassed into buying something. That’s all over.

We have piles of duct tape jewelry all over the house. The hoard of stuffed animals is also decorated with duct tape. I’m actually pretty impressed with their creativity…

Sugar covered her accordion binder with duct tape and it came out looking like this:

You'll notice she even covered the button with tape. 

Spice has made loads of purses and wallets…

The little pink thing at the top of the bag is actually
a bow. Also note that the handles are made with
the two prints as well. 

In fact, she came down last week with one and did her “fashionista walk” to show it off. She twirled and sashayed and said, “Is this a Coach bag?” What?? Not really… my six-year-old is already talking about brands? What does this say about my mothering? What kind of kids am I raising here? I explained to her that “Coach” is a brand of purse like Sketchers are a brand of shoes and brand is NOT important.

When she’s older I’ll explain that Mama is a low-class Coach buyer… from an outlet and always, always with a coupon. 

And EN’s time with Sugar’s class? It went pretty well but EN really is too nice of a guy to judge anything. He gave all the teams 5 points in every category. Thank God there were other judges to balance his scores out. Do I even need to point out that I was NOT asked to be part of the judging committee? 

Ice Princess 

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