Friday, October 28, 2011

First Closing Over!

And this, my friends, is how we roll:

Up at 7:00 to get Sugar up for school, lunch packed, then take her to the bus stop. Back home to finish cleaning up, help EN move stuff out of the basement (because he has SO MUCH SHIT the buyers asked him to clean it up for inspection) and get Spice and myself ready for the big day ahead.

11 am: Appraiser shows up at our house and we are off to get the bank check for deposit on new house. While enroute we decide we have no choice but to get McDonalds for lunch. Back to the house to scarf down lunch, EN leaves to meet realtor at other house and I leave to bring Spice to school.

12:15ish: I meet EN and our realtor at the new house for our final walk through, not that it really matters anyway. I’ve discovered that it’s bigger than I remember and the ceilings are higher. My recent dreams (ok, nightmares) must have been indicative of how I was feeling about the real estate transactions. Anytime I saw the new house in my dreams, I felt that it was closing in on me.

1:00 pm: Closing on new house. For the first time ever, I went through the mortgage paperwork and understood EVERYTHING. A big thank you to my math and finance professors who taught me so much. I even looked through the amortization schedule and said I knew how do to those without cheating with a computer. The chick handling the closing looked mortified. I fully embrace the fact that I don’t need to wear a DORK pin on my shirt. I out myself with my words. I probably should have a job where I’m buried in numbers and spreadsheets. Screw dealing with people.

2:30 pm: Oh my, what’s this? THIS is a freakin’ hour of nothing to do. I gathered up cleaing supplies, snacks, iPad for entertainment purposes, toilet paper and paper towels. The back of the Jeep was full. I loaded the dogs in and was off to get the girls from the bus stop.

4:00: Because the buyers of our house were having their home inspection, we went to the new house. Since I knew we’d have hours to kill, I started to clean things up. The place is a disaster. I cleaned for three solid hours and the house doesn’t look much better. It smells really clean and there is one toilet that I scrubbed so well my German mother would be proud. Despite specific instructions, Spice touched another toilet seat WITH HER BARE HANDS, so I had to break from cleaning to disinfect my child. Sugar helped clean a little bit, but Spice was in her glory. I bought a canister of disinfecting wipes JUST FOR HER. That kid will wander around and clean anything for as long as I let her.

At one point, I found myself in the girl’s bathroom and felt claustrophobic. I stood up from the toilet scrubbing to find two girls and three dogs watching me. “Do we all need to be in the fucking bathroom at once?” shouted my inside voice. I clenched my teeth together to hold in my mean words and simply said, “Get out now.” Is it really that interesting to watch your mother tackle a toilet with a brush?

All through the cleaning, the dogs ran amuck and the girls were nearly as crazy. I received numerous texts from EN and the realtor with questions/issues with the house. In the grand scheme of things, we have a few items they want taken care of, but they’re still going ahead with the purchase of the house. YAY

7:00 pm: We leave the house and it is snowing. I carefully shut off every light and make sure to lock every door. I have the ONE KEY to the house in my hand and I drop it as I’m getting into the car. Yes, I dropped the key, on the dark driveway, in the snow. I looked frantically for about 20 minutes and Sugar kept getting out to help complain about her feet getting cold and wet. I tried using my cell phone for light and even moved the car around to shine the lights on the entire driveway. No key. I have no idea where it went.

I wasn’t kidding when I told my boss I was too busy to come into work on Thursday. I’m glad I didn’t take today off as well. I might just feel pressure to continue cleaning or something else equally bogus.

Ice Princess 

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