Monday, October 10, 2011


It’s official. I’ve been blogging for a year today. Who would have thought? I certainly didn’t. I thought that blogging would be yet another one of my brilliant ideas that lasts thirty seconds. If nothing else, I can go back and read about all the things I was going to do.

That’s where blogging makes me feel like a failure and a disappointment. I talk about all the things I want to do-walks for charity, losing weight, certifications, new job… I look back and read these posts about what I want to do and I end up in a funk. I’m a fucking failure. I had great intentions of participating in two charity walks this year. I missed one due to prior plans and I’ll miss the second due to a wedding. I’ve tried a thousand different things to lose weight and am sorely disappointed here too. I’m still fat. I’m hoping that the setting of the new house encourages me to get out and walk or bike ride or something. I can’t stay fat forever. As for the new job, sigh… what can I say? I’ve sent out gazillions of resumes and went on ONE WHOLE interview. A stellar success, I tell you.

On the other hand, I get to look back and reread so much of what’s gone on over the last year. There are my accomplishments: graduating and um, yeah that’s about it! But even better, I find myself laughing out loud at the funny stuff my girls have done. These memories would be lost in everyday life. In fact, I read these posts and don’t remember the incidents… but sit back after reading and think, “God, I’m glad I wrote that down. “ I’m sad that I didn’t take this on earlier. All the years of everyday stuff that I’ve lost. Someday I’ll be able to share this with the girls and we’ll look back fondly at the times we’ve long since forgotten.

The blog has also been a great place to vent. Only those that I want reading the blog know about it. I have the space and freedom to say what I want and I think it makes me a nicer person to deal with. And by being a blogger, I surf around and read other people’s blogs. I am in love with the writing, recipes, photography and children of women that I’ll never meet. I’ve recently started following others and even commenting now and then.

Reading the comments on blogs can be more interesting than the posts themselves. I don’t understand the readers that leave flaming comments on someone’s blog. You know what, if you don’t like it, don’t come back! A blog is a person’s own space in the world. Leave it alone, there’s no need for mean people.

In the last year, the blog has been looked at 4,500 times. There are eight followers and five set up for email notifications. That may not be much, especially when I look at some of my favorite blogs and see that they have THOUSANDS of visitors PER DAY, but it’s my own space. Since becoming part of Blogher, I’ve had a few posts featured under the “More from Blogher” heading on other blogs, so I see some additional traffic. I don’t know if posts are selected randomly or not, but it delights me to look at the feed and see that people I don’t know have stopped by.

And to you, my peeps… EN, Fly Girl, Stepmommy, Skinny Bitch, Pinky, Boo, Snorting Girl and Facebook Poker, Ultra, Michelle and Sarah… I thank you for popping in regularly and emailing, texting and calling with your commentary. Y’all are allowed to comment, you know… ;o)

Hugs and kisses to you all. Let’s see where we are in a year from now, shall we? Feel free to set your own goal (IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, PEOPLE) and we can remind ourselves next year how far we’ve come, how much or little we have changed, where we've gone in this journey that we call life. 

Ice Princess

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