Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work Woes

I’m done whining (for now), so let’s move on to bitching. One of my first posts as a blogger was about job woes. I came back from vacation a week and a half ago with high hopes. I felt rested and relaxed and thought nothing could bother me. And nothing did… that first day back.

Then came Tuesday. I knew that we were having furniture delivered for a newly built conference room. I had been sending emails for months asking for assistance in moving the old furniture out. Before leaving on Monday, I sent one last reminder, thinking the conference room would be empty when I came in. I walked in to find the room still full of junk so I started moving it out on my own, wearing a skirt and flip flops.  A couple of engineers came out to help, then scurried back to their offices. I was left with the biggest pieces to move on my own.

By the time Fancypants came in, I was in tears. He looked at me trying to push a supply cabinet out the door and said, “What the hell are you doing?” I told him that the new furniture was being delivered and I needed to get the old shit out. Since he knew that another manager wanted to keep the old stuff, he asked where that guy was. Not sure, he never answered my emails. So Fancypants grabbed another guy and moved the remaining pieces out. He came by my office later and told me that I should ask him for help from now on. Seriously? This guy thinks filling out his own shipping label is beneath him and he’s suddenly willing to help? I guess it’s true, guys don’t like to see anyone crying.

A week and a half later, all the items that were moved out of the conference room are still littering the hallways. We have to walk around desks and chairs, cabinetry, etc. I have waited for things to be moved and nothing has happened. One would think that the manager that wanted all the shit saved would snap it up. I have continued to send emails and they continue to not respond at all. I’ve mentioned before, I think that’s the rudest behavior ever. Instead, I occasionally am able to corner someone and put them on the spot. No sorry, we aren’t helping you. First of all, it’s not “me” that needs to be helped. We all work here, don’t we want to make this a nice place to be? Unfortunately, no one cares. No one cleans up after themselves. Hell, they’ll even steal someone else’s lunch. Second, I was not the one that requested any of this construction work. The engineers did, and as soon as they got what they wanted, they left everything else to sit about and rot.

Because I can’t stand seeing this place look like this, I am working with the girl that managed the construction. She works in our Ottawa office and has never been here. Are you shaking your head, thinking that makes no sense? Yeah, that’s what I think too. She has hired some handyman who is supposed to come in and build out two offices and dispose of the rest of the junk, once the employees are allowed to take what they want (engineers love free shit). I get to go ahead and tag everything that needs to be moved out, but I can’t do this yet… as we still have not gotten a response saying it’s ok to go through with this plan.

That situation had me hating life already. Then last night at 7:30 I see a message come across my phone that my boss has hired a new Account Manager. Funny, no one told me! I knew an Account Manager had quit and I assumed he was gone because he stopped responding to emails. However, no one ever told me when his last day was. I knew my boss had interviewed one person, only because I saw it in his calendar, he never told me…

I spent today working on getting this guy who starts ON MONDAY, equipment, log in information, etc. Since I don’t know when the last guy left, I don’t know where his equipment was sent. I don’t know where the new guy lives, so I don’t know if he’ll need office space or if I need to fill out forms for him to have a home office setup. We used to have an easy, breezy way of sharing information around here and now no one speaks or even answers an email. How does it make sense that the person that needs to take care of all this is left completely in the dark?

I looked on to stop myself from sending vile emails to those that have annoyed me and found a couple of jobs that I applied for. They don’t sound interesting or fun, but I’m starting to feel desperate here. I need to get the hell out.

If anyone you know is looking to hire a bossy bitch, let me know.  

Ice Princess

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