Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Doormat in the Making

This will be yet another whiney post. I am sorry, the last week has been extremely rough around these parts.

Last week I mentioned the issue with Sugar’s birthday. She wanted to bring her friends to see a movie, but BFFL asked to do something else. She later changed her mind. The same night, I get an email from BFFL’s mom stating that her ten-year-old daughters do not feel that they can stay awake for a 7:00 pm showing of “Soul Surfer” on a Saturday night. Without even giving it a second thought, I invited them to sleep over on the 13th, when Sugar’s other friend is coming over. They are busy that night and unable to attend. After I thought about it, I thought that perhaps BFFL really just doesn’t want to see that movie. How sad that she’s not even willing to go see it with her best friend. I really shouldn’t be surprised because the last time this girl slept over, Sugar bought a special movie for her friends to watch and BFFL said, “I don’t want to watch that.” So they didn’t.

During the email exchange with BFFL’s mom she asked if Sugar had told me about what happened in school that day. She hadn’t mentioned anything, except what a wonderful day she had. I called her downstairs and asked what happened. She tried to tell me "nothing" but I kept asking anyway. As it turns out, the initial incident occurred on Tuesday when BFFL and Sugar decided to take a classmate’s hat and hide it. The classmate was very upset and scrambled around looking for his hat. BFFL and Sugar pretended not to know anything about it. That night, BFFL went home and confessed to her mother, who then emailed their teacher. On Wednesday, BFFL and Sugar stayed in for recess and had to write apology notes to the other kid. I cannot believe that my child did something like that to someone. To say that I was livid might just be an understatement. Sugar maintains that it was BFFL’s idea and she simply went along with it. In my mind, Sugar is equally guilty, if not more so, given that she was the one that actually took the hat and hid it.

There was another annoying incident that occurred last week. On Tuesday, Sugar had a few leftover cupcakes from her classroom celebration. Her teacher let her bring the cupcakes to her former teachers. BFFL had the same teachers and went along with Sugar to pass them out. She told me that they had presented the cupcakes to their old teachers from both of them, since BFFL’s birthday had occurred over vacation and she didn’t bring cupcakes to school. Part of me is happy that Sugar was generous enough to share the credit, but really, wasn’t it HER birthday and HER cupcakes that she was passing out?

Given what happened last week with Bella, I thought that perhaps BFFL would decide that she could stay up for such a late movie and would come along. I really thought things would change, especially since BFFL called her at 8:45 on Thursday night to find out about Bella and to inquire whether Sugar would be in school on Friday. Even funnier, Sugar was already in bed as it was a school night. How interesting that BFFL had the energy to be up so late!

The more I hear about this girl, the less I like her. The more I hear, the more I want to shake Sugar and tell her to stop letting BFFL walk all over her. My kid really needs to grow a backbone and stand up for herself. Otherwise, she’s going to grow up to be a doormat like her mother.

And that just pisses me off.

Ice Princess 

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