Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blue My Mind

I have not interviewed for an actual job in over eight years. Recently, I’ve spoken with two recruiters, but never an interview for a real job. Today I went on an interview for an actual job.

I applied for this position one day last week when I was pissed off about things that were going on at work. I had no interest in the job and the rate of pay is miserable. I applied anyway. Sure enough, they sent me an email to proofread and fix this week, then invited me in for an interview. I agreed to meet with them.

Since I wasn’t really interested in the job, but didn’t want to go in and be a bitch about it, I handled it my way. I went out yesterday to get my nails done and had them painted blue. A shocking, bright shade of blue. In my mind, who on earth would take a girl with blue nails seriously? I considered wearing flip flops too, but that was over the top, even for me.

I read through their website and went to the interview today. I have to say, the people were so nice that I almost felt bad for having blue nails. As the interview went on, it became obvious that I would never EVER fit into that company. Everyone seemed so conservative, judging by their wardrobes and personalities. My blue polish had more oomph than the entire office. I can only imagine what would happen if I ever worked there and shouted out “WOO HOO” when something exciting happened. People everywhere would drop dead from shock.

As if the pay wasn’t dismal enough, the job sounds supremely boring, another episode of endless nose and ass wiping. Some of their questions led me to believe that it even goes a step further there. The owner asked me how I currently tell my boss what’s been done around the office. I honestly had no idea how to answer that question. I mean, what are you supposed to do? Send a list of “completed tasks” at the end of every day? Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by EVERY SINGLE person I’ve ever worked for. My career has gone like this: I have a job and I know what needs to be done. I go in every day and do my job. If something is left undone, or there’s an issue, I hear about it and it doesn’t go undone again. Having to send an “All Done” list is a mystery to me.

I think that maybe they are looking for someone just starting a career, someone who wants to stay small as they seem to want their business to stay. The owner seemed genuinely shocked when I asked questions specific to the software they produced and was even more surprised that I knew the difference between “client/server” and web-based software. Maybe I just don’t give myself enough credit.

The clincher was at the end of the interview when they told me that I was the current “front runner” and could possibly be called back for a second interview. If that happens, hopefully the shock of my blue nails has worn off by now and they won’t call, I will decline another interview. That just wasn’t my place in the world.

In other news, because I know you are all wondering, the violin made it back home today. It was found someplace within the school and someone turned it in to the music teacher. Sugar wants to go out YESTERDAY to get her iPod Touch. I guess she figures if it’s all ready in her hot little hands, I can’t take it from her. She should know better. I’ve been her mother for ten years.

And even bigger news, I found out today that I was accepted into a Master’s degree program. Apparently I must have inhaled blue nail polish fumes and thought it was a fantabulous idea to apply. I may be certifiable.

Ice Princess 

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