Monday, May 9, 2011

How to be Insensitive

Why break a whiny streak when I can just keep going on and on? Part of the point of this blog was for me to have a place to complain about crap without blowing up inside, or screaming at someone who may or may not deserve it.

I’ve been waiting for someone to give me shit about Bella taking off on me. I’ve been waiting for someone to question the way I take care of my pets and it came today. I’m not even altogether surprised as to the direction it came from either. The lecture started in bits the night Bella went missing. A coworker/friend starting texting around the time Bella took off. Immediately she said, “Why wasn’t she on a leash?” I repeated myself countless times, she wasn’t on a leash because she bolted out the door. But apparently, when you are so right about something you cannot hear the response of the person you are questioning.

So I will say it again in blog world, nice and clear so there are no further misunderstandings: I never let my dogs out without being tied to their run. Ever. However, there are times when their interest is piqued by something outside, and they make a run for it. Dogs are like Houdini when they want to be. They can get through a barely cracked door or push aside a human ten times their size just to break free. It happens. I do everything I can to prevent it, but occasionally the beasts bust free. It could be as a result of a child not closing the door properly, or two pups hip-checking their mama…

My coworker went on to say that I should have gone outside with food to bribe them into coming home. Seriously folks, I have had dogs my entire life… you think we didn’t try that? We shook the doggie snacks in the yard, we put a food dish outside.  Bella did not return home on her own.

She continued on to say that she had looked at my pictures on Facebook and thought that I had exaggerated the extent of Bella’s injuries. In any of my posts, I tried to be as honest as possible. A blood-soaked dog came home to me on Thursday morning. Bella is covered in bite wounds and cuts. The one above her eye was split down to the bone. Her belly is so bruised that it is almost black in spots. It hurts her to stand up and she walks like a ten-year-old dog. And she’s terrified. That poor girl is so scared she can barely bring herself to go outside to do her business. The sound of Indy growling sends her seeking cover under me. How severely injured did she need to look so my words were justified? Should I have put close-up pictures on Facebook of her swollen and stitched chest? Or how about the bite marks all over her body? It looks like she was attacked with a double-tined fork. I did not exaggerate her injuries and I’m sorry my photos don’t do them justice, or capture the fear that’s in her eyes almost all the time.

I accept blame in this. I shouldn’t have been so easy to hip-check aside and I should have gone driving around faster. Hindsight is 20/20. I cannot believe she had the audacity to stand in front of me and talk to me like that. Who does that? What kind of insensitive boob says shit like that to someone when the incident is still so fresh? 

On a more positive note, Bella’s recovery continues to go well. She’s eating and drinking, lying still when we put the compresses on her injuries. It took a bit of work to get her to take her pills twice a day. She wasn’t falling for sneaking them into chicken and rice and we can’t really force them into her mouth because she has stitches around her face. Peanut butter crackers do the trick. 

We continue spending lots of time snuggling with her and making her feel comfortable and safe. That's the most we can give her right now. 

Ice Princess

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