Friday, February 1, 2013

Chubby Chicks: Week Three

Late posting this update… I did weigh in on the correct day, yesterday… but I’m late because I was out shopping for my prize. Yes, you read that right! I finally have lost enough to treat myself to the prize I promised myself for every five pound loss.

I lost one pound over the last week, bringing the grand total to 5.2 pounds. Bomb diggity!

It wasn’t a bad week, I ate well most days. Over the weekend I did splurge a little and we went to dinner at Bugaboo Creek. I got their smallest steak and a baked potato. The potato wasn’t “loaded” and I had my salad dressing on the side. Baby steps!

I thought long and hard about what my prize should be. I really need clothes, I dress like a slob. However, it’s just not much fun to have lost only five pounds so I’d still be in the same fat size. I’d been hearing a lot about some bangle bracelets by Alex and Ani lately, so I thought I would check those out.

I found my prize! I figure for every five pounds, I’ll buy a bracelet. Someday (hopefully) I will have a slew of them displayed on my much skinnier wrist!

This weight loss gig is hard. I don’t remember it being so hard to get fat. I recently heard someone say that a food addiction is the hardest one, because you can’t just banish food from your life, you still need to eat!

I’m not throwing the word addiction out there so I have an excuse for being fat. I know I’m the one that decides what and how much to eat. It’s just so damn hard to say no sometimes. I’ve gotten pretty good at stocking the snack drawer for the girls with stuff that I really don’t care all that much about. However, the other day after grocery shopping, I found a few Ritz crackers left in the bottom of the sleeve… so I thought I’d treat myself to one. And there they were, gone.

I need to learn how to have a small quantity of something I love and leave the rest for another time. I think it’s easier right now to just not have that food in convenient places like my house or office.  

At the Weight Watcher meeting I attended this week, the leader said something about research proving that people that believe they will be successful will in fact be more successful. I think I can, I think I can…

Ice Princess

PS: I promise this isn't turning into a fat-girl-weight-loss blog... I'll be back to posting additional posts soon!


  1. Yeah! good job!! Rewarding yourself is a great idea! I will be back to my routine next now that my cold is almost gone. What a bummer - you get going, and motivated and see yourself at your end goal in your head, and boom...something puts a stick in your spokes and sends you over the handle bars. Anyway, congratulations beautiful! xo

  2. Congratulations!! And I love your prize - I love Alex and Ani bracelets so much! :) You're inspiring!