Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Crazy

I will preface this post with mentioning that I know the “reason for the season” and I hate the commercialism of what Christmas has become. However, I’m a cheap bitch and rarely buy piles or random stuff for people. Christmas is the one time of the year where I take money from savings and just go nuts. It makes me feel a little fuzzy when I see someone really like a gift I’ve given them. I’ll freely admit that I probably spend way too much, but right now I can. There may be times in the future when I am not able to be as generous.

I know myself well, and there’s a reason I wait until the last minute to shop for the girls. If I do my shopping too early, it gets out of control fast. For example, Sugar’s first Christmas was ridiculous. She was 7 ½ months old and didn’t know the difference. However, I bought her everything, piles and piles of crap. Then I wrapped every single gift in Classic Pooh wrapping paper… to match her nursery. Did I put the wrapped gifts in the nursery so we could see how cutesy matchy-matchy it was? No, I’m just a freak and it made me happy to be able to survey my hard work.

Fast forward ten years and we have double the fun. EN and I normally take the Friday before Christmas off and shop for everyone on our list. Since the “Friday before Christmas” is the day before, our schedule was off this year. We started last Saturday night. When we got home I was disappointed with the stuff that I had gotten them. So throughout the week I’ve gone shopping nearly every day. There are 15 people on our list, so it wasn’t just all about the girls.

Sugar didn’t have much on her list. One item is a surfboard and I refuse to buy her one because she will hardly use it. She’s at a weird age where she doesn’t really want a whole lot of toys (though she’ll play with her sister’s!) and she’s too young to really care about clothes.

Spice’s list is very long. She asked for a wide assortment of items, including a nightstand for her room (she asked my mother in law to give her a vase of flowers to put on that night stand as well), an iPad, DS, Barbie stuff, Build a Bear stuff, etc. She said she wanted to ask Santa for the night stand so I wouldn’t have to pay for it. Bless her little heart. Since I had been unsuccessful in finding a night stand to match her dresser, I resigned myself to buying one of those cheap round tables and a table cloth.

I had a stroke of brilliance today and decided to search ONE MORE TIME for the night stand. As luck would have it, they have some online. For a whopping $200, I could order it today and have it in time for Christmas. Because even I am not that fucking crazy, I have a choice, I can stick with the original plan and spend $9, or I can write a letter from Santa… This is how I roll:

My Dear Spice,
I am very sorry that I didn’t have this nightstand ready for you! One elf measured everything wrong and it came out looking like a dog cage! Then they built another one and Rudolph pooped in it! So we had to build a third one and the paint wasn’t dry when I left the North Pole last night. I promise you that you will get this nightstand within the next week.

I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your toys in the meantime. Thank you for being such a good girl this year. Mrs. H has great things to say about you, and so do your mom and dad. Try not to fight with your sister so much!


And there you have it, folks. I’ve officially gone crazy. But not crazy enough to buy an iPad for a six year old. 

Ice Princess

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  1. I hope the letter works! I won't be getting my kids an iPad either.. that's just crazy.