Friday, December 2, 2011

Things I Like

I’ve been in such a bad mood all week and so focused on the negative and on how much I despise certain people that I either need to vent about them on my own blog, where I can say whatever I want, or I need to focus on something positive and hope that helps alter my mood.

I thought I would take the high road and try to be positive. I am going to try to list ten things I like about the new house without letting any negativity creep in.

  • I love all the windows. Unless it’s raining or super dreary outside, there’s loads of light coming in all the time.
  • The master bath. Granted, it’s nothing now, but y’all, that bathroom is 10 x 13, bigger than some bedrooms! I imagine the finished product to look something like this: 

I don't know how much this gorgeous bathroom 
costs, but a girl can dream... 

  • There’s loads of extra space. In fact, there’s so much room it looks like we hardly have any junk. Spice recently told me that Santa better bring her a lot because their play room looks empty!
  • The girls’ rooms are freshly painted and so pretty. They are in love with their bedrooms. This helped them adjust so much easier.
  • The Closet Hopper. When we moved in, Killjoy commented to Skinny Bitch that there wasn't a hopper in the master bath. Little Joe said, “Oh, you haven’t seen the closet hopper?!” Then Joe brought Killjoy to see the potty in its own separate room. This little separate room is not included in the square footage mentioned above.
  • I've found homes for some useless garbage that I should have thrown away years ago. I jokingly put the tacky bunny I got for Christmas from Bug in the Closet Hopper (bunny, hop, get it?). EN stuck the roll of toilet paper on her ear. She fits nicely and serves a purpose. The black velvet painting of Snoopy and the Penis on the Shelf now reside in the Boom Boom Room in those creepy little niches.
  •  The non-functional kitchen means I haven’t been able to cook much. I've rediscovered the joys of microwave cooking and cinnamon toast. Cinnamon toast must be covered under at least three food groups: dairy, grain and cinnamon is a spice which must somehow be a fruit or vegetable.  Argue my logic. I fucking dare you.
  • My new bed. It’s taken some time to get used to it, but I think I will like it. The bedding is super soft and the mattress just kind of hugs me and all my fat and makes me feel loved. Plus it’s spacious so I don’t have anyone breathing on me.
  • One almost completely functioning bathroom. Tiny Mike sold us a toilet, so the toiletless bathroom is now the most usable. Once I get a mirror hung up above the sink there will be no holding me back
  • The kitchen dream is closer to becoming a reality. We closed on the other house this week and walked away with a check. Now we have the funds to pay for counters, cabinets and appliances. I've met with one designer already and due to meet with another tomorrow. I don’t look forward to making decisions about all this shit, but I can’t help but envision how pretty it will be when it’s done. 
There you have it. And FYI, the mood is not better. I attempted to number this list to show that I did in fact come up with ten things I liked but when I inserted the picture, the count messed up. Bullets points, it is. 

Ice Princess

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