Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Given that I lived in my last house nine years, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that I’m having a difficult time settling in to the new place. The fact is, that surprises me. I thought that after moving multiple times through my life, I’d be able to just pick up and move on. That hasn’t been the case at all.

Despite my comfy new bed, I’ve yet to sleep through the night. I love to sleep and I adore my new bed, so I am infuriated when I wake up at 3 am for no good reason. Once I wake up, I rarely get to fall right back to sleep… sometimes I stay awake for hours. Couple this with the not having time to nap since we moved there and I’m severely sleep deprived.

There are many reasons why I could be unsettled… We live in a new house with new noises, windows and layout. It’s weird for me to sleep on the first floor of a house, street level in fact. I haven’t done that since the mid 90’s. I really shouldn’t say street level though because it’s not like anyone EVER drives by our house. In the 2+ weeks we’ve been living there, I think one car has driven past after we’ve been in bed. I didn’t think it was possible for a house to be quieter than our last one.

We also still have shit everywhere. It’s impossible to put anything away. We have six cabinets in the kitchen, which aren’t even attached to the wall, so they are mostly empty. Instead, there is a temporary kitchen set up in the basement. It’s actually kind of cute and I can set it up like a store, because I am OCD like that. On the other hand, there’s a shitload of stuff that one keeps in the kitchen that doesn’t get used very often, so that’s all still in boxes. I hate being surrounded by boxes.

We have very limited closet space. Yet the closets in the girls’ rooms are ridiculous and Spice even uses hers as a dressing room (yes, really). However, mine sucks, the coat closet sucks and I’ve already discussed the linen closet situation. However, I did notice that there’s a nice sized closet in the Boom Boom Room. Since we’ve been using that bathroom to shower in, I’ve asked EN to get some shelves to install there, so at least my towels and toiletries can get unpacked. He’s only been to Depot once and forgot the shelves… maybe next time. Or better yet, maybe Santa will bring them for me. He better not, that’s right up there with appliances!

I still can’t do laundry at my own house. The former owners took all the plumbing, drains, electrical wiring, so that all needed to be redone. EN promises I’ll be able to do laundry this week. I need to. It’s making me crazy.

I can’t bathe the girls yet and they have to shower. This is fabulous seeing as Spice has hair down to her ass. Twenty minutes to brush through that shit WITH detangler. Just shoot me now. And another question, she has been wearing socks and shoes every day, how did her feet get so dirty? I swear she has dirty toenails, which makes me gag. How does that happen?

To top it all off, the house is filthy. I’m already sucking it in to get through the pathways of boxes and STUFF, so I don’t even know how I’d get anything clean. Since I can access all the toilets, I clean those. As soon as I notice that I can’t smell toilet bowl cleaner any more, I clean one. That’s what Germans do. Swear.

And the most definite indicator that this isn’t home yet? None of us race to pee. Every night when the girls and I get home, we would bolt into our old house because we all had to pee. We’d run screaming for the bathroom closest to the door and the losers would run upstairs. Even if we had only been at the neighbors and peed right before leaving their house, we all had to pee when we got home. Is this a form of marking our territory or what?

We do have progress though… I found my lesbian clogs that I searched everywhere for. I found a little basket that I can keep my brushes and makeup bag in. It gives me a sense of order. I already said it, I’m German… something somewhere needs to be in its proper place. We have a new wall light installed in the dining room. In fact, EN did this while I was at work and was kind enough to leave it on so I’d notice and bow to the fixture-changing god. The glass door that’s been reordered three times should be installed today. One kitchen place came up and took measurements yesterday and we’ve yet to hear back from Vinnie Bagadonuts at the other place. People keep bitching about the fucking economy, but then when you try and throw money at them they aren’t interested.

Yes, someday this house will be beautiful, but I’ll consider myself settled before that. Like when I can go through an entire day without searching through boxes for one thing or another. 

Ice Princess


  1. I remember the strangest feeling when I first moved into my house was that I didn't know where the light switches were. It was unnerving to go from room to room and not know how to light it up! But it'll get there, and someday you'll look back and wonder how you ever lived somewhere else :-)

  2. Oh how right you are, Sarah! And this house has switches everywhere that seem to connect to... nothing. did I mention that when we flip the switch in the master bedroom, the family room light shuts off? Go figure! xo